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Hi Meryem

The ‘book’ is just a PDF file with 16 chapters, so no expensive hardcovers here.  It was pulled together very quickly over the summer, so it’s not like an academic volume.  It should be posted by IPO this weekend, Monday latest.  When it happens there’ll be announcements.

As Day 0 events are entirely community initiated and not formally part of the meeting program, there’s no remote participation budgeted.  In the context of the current debate on strengthening the IGF (which will be covered in the Day 0 event and several main sessions, particularly this one http://sched.co/1n76j1g ) this could be something that we push to correct.  By this point I think we ought to treat Day 0 as an integral part of the program rather than something that just sort of happens and whoever can show up does.  But there would be questions of budget, staff, host country facilities, MAG role and so on to contend with….



On Aug 28, 2014, at 6:14 PM, Meryem Marzouki <meryem at marzouki.info> wrote:

> Hi Anriette and all,
> The event sounds really great! Is there any recording of the discussions planned, for those people like me who won't be able to
> make it even remotely, due to travelllng that day? Also, will the book be available online (or on site) for free or will it be one those awfully expensive academic books -- and I know what I'm talking about:( 
> Best
> Meryem
> Le 28 août 2014 à 11:19, Anriette Esterhuysen <anriette at apc.org> a écrit :
>> Dear all
>> Apologies for cross posting.
>> We really want you there!  Please join us.
>> Anriette
>> NETmundial: Looking Back, Learning Lessons and Mapping the Road Ahead
>> Organized by: 
>> • Association for Progressive Communication 
>> • CGI.br <http://CGI.br> 
>> • Center for Technology and Society, Getulio Vargas Foundation 
>> • Diplo Foundation 
>> • Internet Policy Observatory, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania/ 
>> ===Morning ===
>> 8:30-9:00 Registration 
>> 9:00-9:15 Opening and overview of the day - Mr. Virgílio Almeida and Ms. Anriette Esterhuysen 
>> 9:15 – 10.45 *Round-table 1: NETmundial multistakeholder model: organizing the meeting, getting contributions, configuring the participation and building the agenda * 
>> In this round-table session, panelists will describe different aspects of the NETmundial process (committees, drafting activities, consensus building) and will present their views on how it can strengthen the Internet Governance multistakeholder model. Special attention will be on the contributions received, the registration process and the discussions mainly at the EMC (Executive Multistakeholder Committee) 
>> - Mr. Virgílio Almeida (NETmundial chairman): Overall description of the NETmundial multistakeholder model – process, committees and drafting exercise (15 min) 
>> - Mr. Raul Echeberría and Mr. Demi Getschko (Co-Chairs of the EMC): The work of the EMC – benefits and challenges (5 min each) 
>> - Mr. Adam Peake and Ms. Marilia Maciel (EMC, civil society) (10 min each) 
>> - Mr. Zahid Jamil (EMC, private sector) (10 min) 
>> - Open debate (20 min) 
>> 10:45-11:00 Coffee Break 
>> 11:00 – 12:30 *Round-table 2: The "NETmundial multistakeholder statement" * 
>> This session will debate the construction of "NETmundial Multistakeholder Statement". While describing the specific sessions of the outcome document, panelists will present their assessment of the principles and roadmap agreed during the meeting, the participacion of the HLMC (High-Level Multistakeholder Commitee) and how these can influence Internet Governance. In particular, the round-table will discuss the NETmundial recommendations for improvement of the IGF. 
>> - Ambassador Benedicto Fonseca Filho (Ministry of External Relations Brazil): Overall description of the NETmundial outcome document – principles and roadmap (10 min) 
>> - Mr. Vinay Kwatra (Ministry of External Affairs India): The view of the Government of India (10 min) 
>> - Ms. Kathy Brown (President – Internet Society): The assessment of ISOC (10 min) 
>> - Ms. Jeanette Hofmann (Member of the HLMC): The role of the HMC (10 min) 
>> - Mr. Joseph Alhadeff (Representative from the private sector at the HLMC) The role of the HLMC (10 min) 
>> - Mr. Alan Marcus (WEF), Mr. Fadi Chehade (ICANN) and Mr. Janis Karklins (Ambassador of Latvia, Chair of the IGF MAG) about NETmundial Initiative (10 min each) 
>> - Open Debate (10 min) 
>> 12:30-13:30Â  Lunch Break/ 
>> ===Afternoon===
>> 13:30 - 14:30 *Achieving bottom-up and multistakeholder outcomes from global IG policy discussions:Â  Extracting lessons from NETmundial* 
>> Presentation of the results of the research initiative conducted by CTS/FGV, APC and Diplo, including a survey of NETmundial participants 
>> Speakers: Marilia Maciel, Vladimir Radunovic, Renato Leite, Deborah Brown 
>> Moderators: Carlos Afonso 
>> 14:30-16:00 *Book launch— **Beyond NETmundial: The Roadmap for Institutional Improvements to the Global Internet Governance Ecosystem* (organized by the Internet Policy Observatory, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania) 
>> Introduction: Monroe Price  (IPO) 
>> Moderator: William J. Drake  (U. Zurich) 
>> Speakers: Jeremy Malcolm  (EFF) ; Markus Kummer (Internet Society) ; Lea Kaspar (Global Partners Digital) ; Anriette Esterhuysen (APC) ; Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza (ITS) ; Emma Llansó  and Matt Shears (CDT) ; Wolfgang Kleinwächter  (U. Aarhus) 
>> 16:00-16:15Â  Coffee Break 
>> 16:15-17:15 *Open moderated dialogue on the NETmundial Initiative and operationalizing the NETmundial principles and roadmap* (organized by APC, CTS/FGV, CGI.br and Diplo and supported by the IDRC) 
>> Moderator: Anriette Esterhuysen and Raul Echeberría 
>> 17:15-18:15 *Open moderated dialogue on strengthening the IGF* (organized by APC, CTS/FGV CGI.br, and Diplo) 
>> Moderators: Anja Kovacs and Markus Kummer 
>> Resource people for the open dialogues: 
>> Jandyr Ferreira 
>> Flávio Wagner 
>> Fernando Perini 
>> Anja Kovacs 
>> Henrique Faulhaber 
>> Valeria Betancourt 
>> Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza 
>> Avri Doria 
>> Alice Munyua 
>> Ayesha Hassan 
>> Vladimir Radunovic 
>> NOTE: Resource persons may be called upon by the moderator(s) to provide a reflection on a specific discussion thread. 
>> 18:15-18:45 *Summary of the Day and linkages to the IGF program* 
>> Comments: Anriette Esterhuysen, Marilia Maciel, Carlos Afonso, Vladimir Radunovic, Raul Echeberría, Markus Kummer 
>> Moderator: Bill Drake
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