[bestbits] Call for volunteers for working group on revision of Best Bits procedures

Jeremy Malcolm jmalcolm at eff.org
Fri Aug 15 16:56:47 EDT 2014

One of the work items for the Best Bits steering committee this year was
to have a working group thoroughly go through, discuss and propose
revisions to the draft working procedures on our wiki, which have served
in lieu of a formal charter for the Best Bits network:


The original concept was that discussions could happen spontaneously
without a formal working group, using the same way that Wikipedia pages
are developed.  But in practice we found that we do not quite have the
critical mass for this yet, and so there have not been any discussions
on the wiki itself.  Some procedure-related discussions have happened on
the main mailing list, but they have not been very focused or productive
(or, sometimes, very cordial).

This points to the need for a new dedicated fluid working group devoted
to the revision of the procedures.  So this is a call for volunteers to
join that group.  The group will report back to the steering committee
and the main list with its recommendations in due course.  It is not
expected that this will happen in time to discuss those recommendations
at our upcoming meeting, however there should be opportunity for a
face-to-face meeting of some of the members of the fluid working group
in Istanbul.

Please write to me or any other member of the steering committee, on or
off-list, if you would like to join.

Jeremy Malcolm
Senior Global Policy Analyst
Electronic Frontier Foundation
jmalcolm at eff.org

Tel: 415.436.9333 ext 161

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