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We are presenting a paper on the topic of the weaponization of cyberspace
and its adverse affects human rights at Citizen lab next week. The paper is
entitled: "Cyber Losers".

Once we have presented it. I will send you a copy. In the paper we created
a dataset of state cyber weapons capabilities across 10 countries and then
examined digital human rights violations in those countries across three
separate datasets. We hypothesized a correlation between weaponization and
digital human rights violations. The trends match indicating a relationship
between weaponization and the subsequent use of those tools on citizens
within countries.


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Hi all,

One topic that hasn't gotten enough public attention is the practical
impact of surveillance programs on human rights work. This is a subject
WITNESS is going to explore in a blog post next week, and I'm curious if
any of you are anticipating challenges in communicating and exchanging
information with each other and/or activists on the ground because of
concerns about surveillance by the NSA and its partners.

If there's an existing effort to document such impacts, or to communicate
this message to policymakers, please let me know!



Ben Doernberg
Program Associate - Citizen Journalism and Technology Advocacy
(718) 783-2000 x319
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