[bestbits] Re: WGEC questionnaire: doubt and suggestion

Avri Doria avri at ella.com
Fri Jul 19 02:37:11 EDT 2013


While I was originally restricted, the restrictions have been removed and the current form is explicit about that.

The form includes the line:

"Other relevant entities involved in Internet related public policy issues are welcome to provide their input by filling out the questionnaire."


On 19 Jul 2013, at 01:21, Joana Varon wrote:

> Dear all, 
> I was talking with Marilia Maciel about the WGEC, particularly concerned about which restrictions are set towards which institutions can answer the questionnaire: http://unctad.org/meetings/en/SessionalDocuments/2013_WGEC_Questionnaire.pdf
> So this is just to confirm, perhaps with the participants of the WG, if only organizations that are: WSIS accredited; ECOSOC accredited; ITU accredited or those participating in the work of the CSTD (Pursuant to ECOSOC Decisions 2011/237, 2011/238 or 2011/239) can participate. Or is it open to anyone? 
> If so, I would suggest that any civil society organization that submit a contribution could also post it's answers to the group here (as I don't know if it is going to be public at the CSTD website). So we could compile all the SC contributions and maybe even help the work of the WC. Just a suggestion...
> Deadline for answers is Aug,15th 
> all the best
> joana 
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> Joana Varon Ferraz
> Centro de Tecnologia e Sociedade (CTS-FGV)
> @joana_varon

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