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Hi everyone!

UNESCO have provisionally allocated us a session at the WSIS plus 10 meeting in Paris in late February.  At the moment I've kept it vague but I need to nail it down in the next few days.   UNESCO is in the process of merging sessions (from current 54, they are looking to have 50 max - the list is attached).   Ours is the only session that doesn't have a 'theme' - we should think about how it fits with the proposed sub-themes as UNESCO will be grouping the meetings.   There are two similar proposed sessions which refer to the 'Taking stock' meeting from Baku (proposal 4 by CIS; proposal 13 by ICC BASIS) - see overview of proposals in attachment. The ones with same/similar topics and participants might be approached by UNESCO in an effort to merge them. They haven't mentioned our session explicitly.  If you have any views on a merger or specific focus let me know.

As this is UNESCO and they are broke, there is absolutely no travel support offered for anyone.  I'll have a go this week at seeing if there is interest in sponsoring any participation but can't guarantee funding at this stage - I'll do my best!

Could you let me know if:
You are definitely planning to attend and have financial support
Would like to attend but need financial support.


 1.  Registration is now open - all panellists and participants should register as soon as possible. If you'd like to come but need support it might be worth registering now anyway.
 2.  For assistance with visas - send email to m.liouliou at unesco.org<mailto:m.liouliou at unesco.org>
If you could get back to me this week that would be helpful..

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On Wednesday 26 December 2012 09:41 AM, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:

But there are only so many resources that Best Bits members will want to continue to pour into telecommunications work, or into a negative agenda at the ITU just devoted to delineating the line between Internet and telecoms.

Unfortunately, behind delineating or blurring that line lies a sordid tale --- of huge implication to the governance of our communication realm

see for instance 'Internet Freedom'? AT&T's Verbal Jujitsu to Close Down Telecommunications in America'<http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bruce-kushnick/internet-freedom-att_b_1869358.html>. and

Shutting Down The Phone System Gets Real: The Implications of AT&T Upgrading To An All IP Network<http://www.publicknowledge.org/blog/shutting-down-phone-system-gets-real-implicat>

 WCIT outcomes, whatever they may actually  be or not, will now be touted as having decisively sealed the issue that  Internet is not to be governed/ regulated by traditional telecom regulators in any way whatsoever (not even at the physical/ infrastructure level).... Such global norms are even more important in developing countries, which are still to see the net neutrality struggle begin... It may have been snuffed out even before in could begin. If telecom regulators dont enforce net neutrality, I dont see how it can be enforced at all.

Wishing a great 2013 to all!



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