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Hi everyone

Unfortunately I wasn't able to secure any significant funding for Best Bits participation in the UNESCO Paris but taking advantage of people who can be there, that I was able to track down, we can host a panel discussion which will be an opportunity for us to set out some ideas that we can develop over the next three years.

It's been billed as Session 45. A public interest internet:  what can WSIS plus 10 deliver A view from civil society by Global Partners for Best Bits.   It's on the Wednesday (last day) at 14:30 to 16:00 and the platform speakers are Jeremy Malcolm CI (remotely), Grace Githaiga Kicktanet Kenya, Pranesh Prakash CIS India and Joana Varon from FGV Brazil.  There will be remote access to allow people to join - details to follow next week - and it would be great if other Best Bits participants could join us so that it is an interactive conversation rather than one dominated by the platform.

I'm planning to start from the position that we all have basically the same idea of the ideal internet environment (which I'll sketch that out in an introduction) so that we can spend the rest of the workshop thinking about what we need to do over the next three years (particularly in terms of the WSIS +10 process) to get there.

In terms of our shared idea of the ideal internet environment: I'm assuming that we are all agreed that we want to see an internet environment that is open and accessible to all on an equitable and affordable basis.  It should be one that is not dominated by governments or powerful corporations.  Finally it should support democracy and human rights.

This is easy to say but hard to achieve.  I'm also assuming that the way the internet is governed should be as democratic as possible, with participation from the broadest range of voices - geographically, politically, including civil society.

The speakers will say a few words about how you think we can achieve this goal, from the perspective of their own region/country.  Given the focus of current debates on governance how do we think the internet should be run - who by, and how should difficult decisions be made when consensus is likely to be impossible; is there a role for governments and if so, what?  How should civil society be represented?  What's the CS accountability and transparency in policy making?  And any thoughts the speakers might have.

If you have any thoughts on the discussion do let me know and I'll try and accommodate them.

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