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Lea Kaspar Lea at global-partners.co.uk
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Dear Deborah,

Thank you for your thorough and useful analysis!

I am planning to attend the WTPF on behalf of Global Partners, and am likely to be sitting on the UK delegation. We also hope to facilitate participation of a few groups from the South, but this is provided funding comes through. We're expecting to find out in the following week or two.


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Thanks very much Deborah, that helps a lot.



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Hi Michael,

Thank you for your email. See my responses below.


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Thanks Deborah,

A couple of things... It would help a lot if you were to provide links to the "Secretary General's report and draft opinions" to which you are referring.

The Secretary General's report and draft opinions are hyperlinked in the introductory paragraph, but in case the links didn't come through here they are:

Secretary General's report: http://www.itu.int/md/S13-WTPF13-C-0003/en
All draft opinions: http://www.itu.int/en/wtpf-13/Pages/opinions.aspx

*         Opinion 1- Promoting Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) as a long term solution to advance connectivity: http://www.itu.int/md/S13-WTPF13IEG3-C-0047/en
*         Opinion 2- Fostering an enabling environment for the greater growth and development of broadband connectivity: http://www.itu.int/md/S13-WTPF13IEG3-C-0043/en
*         Opinion 3- Supporting Capacity Building for the deployment of IPv6: http://www.itu.int/md/S13-WTPF13IEG3-C-0046/en
*         Opinion 4- In support of IPv6 Adoption and Transition from IPv4: http://www.itu.int/md/S13-WTPF13IEG3-C-0045/en
*         Opinion 5- Supporting Multi-stakeholderism in Internet Governance: http://www.itu.int/md/S13-WTPF13IEG3-C-0042/en
*         Opinion 6- On supporting operationalizing the Enhanced Cooperation Process: http://www.itu.int/md/S13-WTPF13IEG3-C-0044/en
Also, in the draft document it is not clear to me at least how your document flows i.e. what is your opinion/analysis and what is the nature of the materials/on which documents is your opinion is being based.

The document introduces an issue, then pulls text from the SG's report as examples of the issues. The numbers preceding the quoted text indicate the section of the SG's report it is pulled from. Does that make sense? Apologies if that was not clear before.

Please remember that this is only a part-time and voluntary activity for many of us.



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Hi all,

As you're all probably aware, the World Telecommunication Policy Forum is coming up on May 14-16.  To help kick-start a discussion about the topics at WTPF, Access and CDT wrote up a short document (attached) identifying some of of the key issues that come up in the Secretary General's report and draft opinions. You may have received a similar note from Emily from CDT on another list.  We expect a lot of discussion around:

 *   Enhanced cooperation and multistakeholderism;
 *   The role of the ITU in Internet governance and the scope of its mission;
 *   The concept of end-to-end Quality of Service;
 *   The importance of human rights in the context of discussions about ICT regulation and policy;
 *   Strategies for increasing affordable Internet access for users around the world, particularly in developing countries;
 *   The appropriate level of transparency and civil society participation in WTPF and other ITU activities.
We're interested to hear what you think, both about our analysis of these topics and what your perspective is on key issues we didn't mention. What are your "top five" important issues coming into WTPF, and what would you like to see as an outcome?

We're also curious about who will be participating in WTPF, and how you're planning to get involved.  We also put together a document about the various options for civil society and individual participation (see attached). Please note that the deadline to apply<http://www.itu.int/en/wtpf-13/Documents/expression-of-interest.docx> to attend the WTPF as "public attendant" 12 April.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Deborah Brown
Policy Analyst
Access | AccessNow.org
E. deborah at accessnow.org<mailto:deborah at accessnow.org>
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Deborah Brown
Policy Analyst
Access | AccessNow.org
E. deborah at accessnow.org<mailto:deborah at accessnow.org>
PGP 0x5EB4727D
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