Two-question survey on agenda and outputs for Best Bits

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On 19/09/12 21:25, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> We recently had a really useful discussion on the list about the
> agenda and outputs for Best Bits, but there was no clear consensus on
> the way forward.  Someone suggested I put together a poll to make it
> easier to gauge people's preferences.  So, please take a few minutes
> to complete the poll below, which contains just two questions
> regarding the agenda and outputs for Best Bits:

This has been open for a week and so by now we have a pretty good
feeling for the group's opinions.  Take a look at the results here:

For those too busy to check, there is a large majority in favour of
continuing to aim for two separate output documents; the civil society
Internet governance principles, and the joint statement to the ITU. 
There were two comments given, "Endorese an existing statement of IGP,
with a short IGC preamble" (maybe that means "Best Bits" preamble, since
we are not all IGC members), and "A proposal for a few concrete
improvements to existing IG arrangements and a letter to the ITU on CS
participation".  Though we can continue discussion here, it seems to me
that on the basis of the above, we have a rough consensus for two output

For the agenda, there is also a majority in favour of retaining the
planned format shown at, but about
two-thirds as many people would rather have discussion and drafting on
each of the two days - in which case it would make sense to do ITU on
the first day, since that day is the deadline for comments to the ITU's
online comment system.[0]  There is not such strong support for any
other changes being made.  Whilst that means that most people are
content with the existing agenda, amongst those who are content with it,
is there anyone who would strongly object to the change that the
minority are suggesting?



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