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On 11/09/12 15:03, William Drake wrote:
> It seems the geography of preferences for the meeting is becoming more
> fluid and variable as we proceed.  Since we have a couple months
> that's not a big problem, but maybe at this point we need tools other
> than a list to aggregate preferences and see what appeals most to whom?

Another good suggestion made to me off-list, which could address some of
your valid points about overloading, and is really just an extension of
what you've already suggested:

> It seems that to the extent we're charting a path forward on IG with
> basic principles for how governance should work (i.e., procedural
> principles as opposed to, say, substantive internet rights-based
> principles a la IRP or the Declaration or whatever), that would seem
> to go hand in hand with a statement on what ITU's proper role (if any)
> should be in the broader IG spectrum.  Maybe we're talking about one
> statement on IG that includes discussion of ITU, as our output?

I agree with this person (who should identify themselves, if they like)
that there is much sense in having a clear demarcation between the civil
society Internet governance principles to be delivered to the IGF, and
the IPR/Declaration of Internet Freedom on substantive rights.

I have only one reservation.  The reservation is that the civil society
principles would be meant to have a longer life at the IGF than just one
meeting, so if we drafted a single output document that was too specific
to the WCIT, it would soon become out of date.

A possible work-around would be to have a single set of principles
(which would be enduring), plus a covering letter or preamble (which
would contextualise the statement around WCIT).  What do people think
about that, as an alternative to the two separate output documents?


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