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I agree… the IRP statement of principles is quite comprehensive and fully in alignment with overall civil society principles as I understand them… 


I also agree that there is no point in re-inventing documents/statements/declarations which already have been worked on over periods of time by multiple parties including most of those who will be involved in this meeting… 


Better to spend the time in setting the ground work for organizing for a broader coalition that can potentially have some influence on the various global Internet governance and related processes that are currently emerging at an accelerating rate.




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As I understand, Wolfgang proposes that we could use the language that he and some others of you were already involved with drafting at the Council of Europe as a starting point (scroll down):


The question I asked was; whats wrong with the 10 Internet rights and principles developed by the civil society dominated IRP group over many iterations over 2 years, or its more elaborate full charter. Why not use that? Why instead privilege a document from an inter-gov process that too one which has only a few governments involved? (especially when the involved people seem quite against any inter-gov process that includes all govs developing such principles :) )



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