Best Bits: Agenda Organization Options

Norbert Bollow nb at
Mon Sep 10 14:09:33 EDT 2012

William Drake <william.drake at> wrote:

> One could try blending the topological discussion with one output
> effort, e.g.
> Day 1 - Saturday
> state of CS advocacy networks/efforts
> Day 2 - Sunday
> Discussion and drafting a statement on either WCIT or principles
> In which case I'd suggest choosing WCIT > principles and use the
> concrete case of the various advocacy initiatives that have been
> undertaken around WCIT as a way into the "state of" in day 1.  After
> all, we have this situation where there've been multiple networks
> mobilized around WCIT but with varying levels of
> connection/disconnection (with the IGC mostly disconnected).  Why not
> look at who what when why and consider both a) what could be done
> going forward in the month left before WCIT to force multiply and b)
> what larger lessons can be gleaned that could inform efforts going
> forward, and then let that exercise feed into a concrete effort to
> say something and build connections going forward in a bounded policy
> space?

I'm not opposed to doing any of that, but if this gets as much focus
as you seem to suggest, and if (as I would conjecture) the majority of
potential participants does not have a strong particular interest in
the chosen topic, the majority of potential participants would either
not come in the first place, or go away feeling empty and unsatisfied.


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