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Amelia Andersdotter amelia.andersdotter at piratpartiet.se
Sun Oct 28 06:54:48 EDT 2012

In the end, I was not able to make it because we have votes in Brussels 
on Nov 5 :-(

Have fun and good luck anyway!

On 26.10.2012 16:17, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> Everyone who is attending, and who didn't already have an account on 
> the Best Bits website, will have just received an automatic email with 
> a username and password for the site.  DON'T PANIC!  You don't need to 
> do anything new.  This email is just for your information, and is the 
> same email that new people registering will receive from now on.
> It was necessary to create accounts for everyone on the website in 
> order to display a dynamic list of participants, including those who 
> register to participate remotely.  (It's a public holiday in Malaysia 
> today so I was able to drop everything and get this done.)
> You can view the list at http://bestbits.igf-online.net/participants/ 
> - if you log in, you will see email addresses; if you don't, you 
> won't.  You can edit your own data to determine what will appear here 
> - please follow the instructions in the individual email that you 
> received.
> So, in summary:
> 1. Don't panic, you don't need to do anything new to confirm that you 
> are participating.
> 2. If you want to, please log in and edit the data that other 
> participants will see about you.
> Thanks.
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