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On 4 November 2012 14:20, Pranesh Prakash <pranesh at cis-india.org> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Here is the statement of civil society members and groups participating in
> a pre-IGF meeting at Baku in 2012 as drafted after the morning session on
> Sunday, November 4, 2012.
> Please indicate your and your group's support of this statement on this
> mailing list or directly at the end of this Etherpad document: <
> http://igcaucus.org:9001/p/**wcit_statement<http://igcaucus.org:9001/p/wcit_statement>
> >.
> Given our deliberation on these both yesterday and today — and the fact
> that we would not wish to open this particular statement up to extensive
> revision again — I would request people to raise comments on this mailing
> list only if you believe the drafters have committed an egregious mistake
> in capturing the agreement present in the room. Please do not leave
> comments on the Etherpad document.
> Regards,
> Pranesh
> ====
> Statement of civil society members and groups participating in a pre-IGF
> meeting at Baku in 2012.
> The process of the revision of the International Telecommunications
> Regulations (ITRs) have not been sufficiently inclusive and transparent,
> despite some recent efforts to facilitate some public participation.
> Fundamental to the framing of public policy must be the pursuit of the
> public interest and fundamental human rights, and we urge member states to
> uphold and protect these values.
> We as civil society organizations wish to engage with the World Conference
> on International Telecommunications (WCIT) process in this spirit.
> Member-states, in most cases, have not held open, broad-based, public
> consultations in the lead up to the WCIT, nor have they indicated such
> process for the WCIT itself.
> In order to address this deficiency, and as a minimum, we would urge:
> * All member states and regional groups to make their proposals available
> to the public in sufficient time to allow for meaningful public
> participation;
> * All delegates to support proposals to open sessions of the WCIT meeting
> to the public;
> * The ITU Secretariat to increase transparency of the WCIT including live
> webcast with the video, audio, and text transcripts, as far as possible, to
> enable participation by all, including persons with disabilities;
> * The ITU Secretariat, member-states, and regional groups to make as much
> documentation publicly available as possible on the ITU's website, so that
> civil society can provide substantive input on proposals as they are made
> available;
> * Member-states to encourage and facilitate civil society participation
> their national delegations;
> * The ITU to create spaces during the WCIT for civil society to express
> their views, as was done during the WSIS process.
> Given the uncertainty about the nature of final proposals that will be
> presented, we urge delegates that the following criteria be applied to any
> proposed revisions of the ITRs.
> * That any proposed revisions are confined to the traditional core mandate
> of the ITU and scope of the ITRs, where international regulation is
> required around technical issue limited to basic telecommunications
> networks and interoperability standards.
> * There should be no revisions to the ITRs that involve regulation of the
> Internet Protocol and above.
> * There should be no revisions that could have a negative impact on
> affordable access to the Internet or the public's rights to privacy and
> freedom of expression.
> More positively we call upon the ITU to promote principles of net
> neutrality, open standards, affordable access and universal service, and
> effective competition.
> Signed by:
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