[bestbits] Notes from Yesterday's ITU "final push" phone call

Evan Greer evangreer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 12:10:56 EST 2012

Hi everyone,
  Several people on this list RSVP'd that they weren't able to make it but
wanted to receive notes from yesterday's conference call.

Here are the notes:

One thing of note is that there was general consensus about the idea of
Access, with other civil society organizations, organizing a public
delivery of the Protect Global Internet Freedom Statement (
www.protectinternetfreedom.org), which has been signed by over 30,000
people and nearly 1,000 organizations from over 160 countries.

This would happen in Dubai on December 3rd and we expect it would generate
significant media attention. The AFL-CIO (and their international labor
parners) are reaching out to see if there are representatives from labor
unions in the UAE or other priority countries who could be part of this
delivery and we are hoping to have other CSOs be a part of it.

There also seems to be energy towards a joint press release among a variety
of CSO's announcing the various actions that are happening around ITU.

If your organization would like to be part of either of these efforts, or
offer a quote for the joint press release, please contact me.

Thanks for everyone's work.

-Evan Greer with FFTF

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