[bestbits] Coordination during WCIT -- who's attending, who's reporting

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Yes, and since so many people are (quite correctly IMHO) convinced both 

                1. that some form of intervention in support of the public
interest (including to ensure freedom of expression) through and of the
Internet is necessary and 

                2. that the ITU largely because of its history and current
structures (which are the reflection of its history) is unable to be the
venue for this -- 


then there should be the beginnings of some thought on what sort of
structures would be appropriate for such intervention and what the
characteristics of such structures (and interventions) should be.




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Good points Parminder. We should also be exploring at some point the issue
of taxation from a civil society perspective.

One consideration you don't make in positing freedom of expression "against"
public interest regulation is that in many instances we actually need
regulation to protect freedom of expression.

E.g. regulation that does not make internet intermediaries liable for the
content they host/carry.

I am hoping that the engagement on WCIT by civil society, and the support
for civil society engagement in WCIT will not dry up once the initial
'victory' has been won.

Securing a free and open internet in the longer term will indeed depend on
governments not meddling inappropriately in internet development and
regulation, but it also depends on making sure that there is a level playing
field (as level as possible) for internet businesses and innovators from all
over the world, and on making sure that rights such as freedom of expression
and association (among others) are respected on the internet.

And leading on from this, there needs to be recourse and remedy for people
whose rights are being violated. Can this be achieved without any regulatory
intervention? I would say it cannot. Is the ITU the right place to lead the
development such an intervention? Definitely not, but that does not mean
that telecoms regulation is irrelevant to securing a fair and open internet
and it is really good that so many new people are engaging ITU processes.

This does bring us back to our 'Best Bits' goal about developing and
proposing principles for internet governance. Should we not begin to plan
our next steps?


On 29/11/2012 07:32, parminder wrote:

well sorry, that was not the oped I did but another news item on censorship
in India 

the oped is below 


On Thursday 29 November 2012 10:54 AM, parminder wrote: 

Hi All 

Without distracting all of you from the important task of on the ground
coordination at the WCIT, I will like to draw your attention to the oped
that I did on WCIT in the larger content of global IG in the top India daily
'The Hindu'. It kind of gives a balancing view to what I think it often a
one-sided campaign with a relatively narrow vision and purpose. 



On Thursday 29 November 2012 10:41 AM, Tim Hwang wrote: 

Ack! My mistake - didn't realize there would be the other etherpad setup,
please disregard the one I sent out earlier today (i.e.


On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 8:01 PM, Emma Llanso <ellanso at cdt.org
<mailto:ellanso at cdt.org> <mailto:ellanso at cdt.org>> wrote: 

    Hi all, 

    I wanted to share two things CDT has put together for our own 
    information security and coordination during WCIT, which I hope 
    will be helpful to the larger group. The first is the attached 
    tipsheet on information and device security for people who will 
    be on the ground in Dubai, which our senior staff technologist 
    Joe Hall put together (with some very helpful contributions from 
    NDI).  If anyone has other tips to share, please do! And let me 
    know if you have any questions about the doc. 

    The second is this etherpad setup: 
    https://civ-soc-wcit.etherpad.mozilla.org/. It's a central 
    homepage that can host multiple private and publicly accessible 
    pads/docs; accessing the above URL or any of the private pads 
    requires an account, but anyone with the URL to a public pad 
    (e.g. https://civ-soc-wcit.etherpad.mozilla.org/1) should be able 
    to read it. We thought this provided a good mix of opportunity 
    for relatively secure communication plus potential to create 
    public-facing docs as well.  If you'd like to access the private 
    pads, please email me and ellery at cdt.org  <mailto:ellery at cdt.org>
<mailto:ellery at cdt.org> 
    and we'd be happy to create an account for you. 

    I've begun keeping a list of civil society attendees (with 
    contact info and hotel, where I know it) on a private pad at the 
    above link, but I'm happy to combine with Tim's pad, if that's 
    easier for folks.  And if you see your information listed but 
    don't want it to be, please let me know! 


    On 11/28/2012 4:09 PM, Lea Kaspar wrote: 

    Dear Ellery et al, 

    For those of you I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, I'm 
    Lea Kaspar, working with Global Partners in London. 

    We are facilitating participation of several groups – I can 
    post/send the info as soon as I have the final details. Should 
    this be done to Matthew directly or are we using the etherpad? I 
    will also be attending the conference as an unaffiliated rep 
    from Dec 4 to 10. 

    Unfortunately, I'll be on a plane at the time of the call, but 
    would like to be kept in the loop about what other folk are 
    doing/planning. Are you planning to share the list here? 

    Someone asked about accommodation – I got a very affordable deal 
    at the hotel IBIS WTC, which seems to be practically adjacent to 
    the conference venue. 


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    Subject: Re: [bestbits] Coordination during WCIT -- who's 
    attending, who's reporting 


    I and my colleague Harold Feld will be on the US delegation. 

    I will be in Dubai from December 9th to the14th. 

    Harold will be there from December 4th to the 12th. 


    On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 2:19 PM, Tim Hwang 
    <tim at mozillafoundation.org  <mailto:tim at mozillafoundation.org>
<mailto:tim at mozillafoundation.org>> 

        To facilitate the on-the-ground list - I've thrown up a 
        quick Etherpad page here that people can fill in with 
        information, if it's helpful: 

        Password is: ITU. 


        On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 9:31 AM, William Drake 
        <william.drake at uzh.ch  <mailto:william.drake at uzh.ch>
<mailto:william.drake at uzh.ch>> wrote: 


            FWIW I'm on a US del call right now and we just finished 
            a long briefing on security, thought I'd pass along a 
            few points of local interest while thinking it: 

              * expect to be constantly electronically surveilled, 
                including in hotels 
              * expect all electronic communications to be insecure, 
                particularly wireless 
              * keep any confidential info on you rather than in hotel 
              * USG has received no info on how the government might 
                react to any on-site activism of an unapproved 
                nature, and if relevant urges US citizens to let 
                State or the consulate know they'll be in town. 

            Make of these what you will



            On Nov 28, 2012, at 5:12 PM, Deborah Brown wrote: 

            Hi all, 
            Thanks for coordinating this Ellery/Matthew. Picking up 
            on Bill's last point, it might be helpful to include 
            people's dates in Dubai in the list to facilitate 
            coordination on the ground. I'm happy to lend a hand in 
            coordination as well. 


            On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 4:06 AM, William Drake 
            <william.drake at uzh.ch  <mailto:william.drake at uzh.ch>
<mailto:william.drake at uzh.ch>> wrote: 


                Despite all the debate and mobilization, and ITU 
                staff's refrain that the meeting's fully 
                multistakeholder since people can simply join their 
                national delegations, a cursory scan of the 
                Announced List of Participants as of 27 November 
                shows 1764 participants, only a dozen or so that 
                seem obviously to be civil society—half on the US 
                del, the others scattered.  Caveats apply: a) It 
                may be that I just don't recognize some individual 
                and organizational names so this guesstimate's a 
                little low.  b) In the UN context (WSIS/IGF/CSTD 
                etc) and OECD the technical community and CS are 
                separated, so that's how I count.  I see more TC 
                than CS names on the list, and while most of the 
                former work in the private sector or for 
                administrative bodies like the RIRs, there are some 
                people who are by various standards in both.  c) 
                 The list is being periodically updated, so there 
                may be some late registrations.  All that said, the 
                number seems unlikely to be terribly high.  There 
                may be more CS just coming and hanging around in 
                hopes of getting into any open to the public 
                sessions (TBD Monday), or otherwise populating the 
                hallways, than there are on the delegations. 

                It would be good to have a list with contact 
                details and to establish a communication channel 
                e.g. Skype/mail (although delegation members will 
                have some constraints) if Matthew wants to coordinate. 



                PS: The call time below may not be optimal for 
                people on dels if meetings run late (I'll be on a 

                On Nov 28, 2012, at 12:50 AM, Ellery Biddle wrote: 

                Hi everyone, 

                We have been talking here at CDT about various 
                strategies for communications and coordination 
                during the WCIT. Lots to think about here. Two 
                items on this: 

                First: Who is going to Dubai? We /really/ want to 
                develop a list of civil society people who will be 
                in Dubai for the conference. We think it would be 
                helpful for those attending WCIT to know what 
                other CS people will be there, and to develop a 
                rough plan for coordinating once they are in 
                Dubai. Matthew Shears, ISOC's former policy 
                director who has been working on ITU issues with 
                CDT, will be in Dubai on CDT's behalf. He will not 
                be affiliated with any delegation. *If you or 
                someone from your organization is going to be in 
                Dubai (with or without delegate status), and you'd 
                like to be in touch with other civil society folks 
                there, please send Matthew an email letting him 
                know. Matthew's email: mshears at cdt.org 
                 <mailto:mshears at cdt.org> <mailto:mshears at cdt.org>* 

                Second: How can we coordinate on public 
                communication about the WCIT? We know that many 
                CSOs will be blogging, tweeting, and responding to 
                press inquiries about the WCIT as it's happening. 
                Given the relatively closed nature of the event, 
                we know that it may be difficult to get the 
                information we need in order to do this well, and 
                that some coordination between groups may help 
                fill this gap. We also anticipate that rumors and 
                misinformation may become an issue, as different 
                delegates may hear different things, etc. In 
                anticipation of this, we want to propose a group 
                call for next week. This will be open to any civil 
                society groups planning to report on WCIT, either 
                from Dubai or from outside the UAE. Given the size 
                of these lists, I am setting an arbitrary (though 
                early, which generally seems best) time and date 
                for the call. Hope that plenty of folks can join 
                -- we'll take and circulate good notes for those 
                who can't make it. 

                *The call will take place on Tuesday, December 4 
                at 16:00 UTC / 11:00 EST. *A list of international 
                toll-free call-in numbers is attached. I will 
                circulate this again, along with a reminder, on 

                As always, please feel encouraged to reply to the 
                list with additional ideas, questions, etc. 

                Thanks all! 


                Ellery Roberts Biddle 
                Center for Democracy and Technology  <http://cdt.org/>
                (415) 814-1711 <tel:%28415%29%20814-1711> 

            --             Deborah Brown 
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