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Thanks fir the invite Evan but I won't be able to make the call. I'm sure others will cover this but I just wanted to offer my perspective. Any events and actions that raise awareness of what is at stake could be most helpful at the outset of WCIT. After the first few days we'll have a good feel for the real direction of the treaty document. So before that point,  I strongly urge against targeting countries as "bad guys" or the ITU as a negative institution. Such characterization runs an unnecessary risk of alienating potential allies.Evan Greer <evangreer at gmail.com> wrote:Hello everyone, 

My name is Evan Greer and I am just joining this list. I am the new campaign manager at Fight for the Future and heavily  involved in our ITU campaign. We have been sort of lurking on this BestBits list, wondering what others are planning for December 3rd We're hoping to work with others around the world to mobilize a big day of action for that date using an online phone call / email tool and an interactive map that encourages people to organize meetings outside their country's ITU representative's office. 

We want to be involved on December 3rd! Is there some nexus of activity that we should be connected to?

We want to invite all of you who are interested to participate in an international conference call this Wed, November 28th, at 12pm EST. The purpose of this call is to bring together groups from around the world who are working on ITU activism to coordinate a final push in the week leading up to WCIT. We want to know what everyone else is doing and how we can all work together to keep the pressure on as the ITU goes to  vote.

Please RSVP to me if you can participate in the conference call on Wednesday.  So far we know we will have representatives from Mozilla, the AFL-CIO (who are working with their international partners on this), Center for Democracy and Technology, and we have invited many other groups from around the world.

Here is the call info:

Wed, Nov 28th, 12pm EST:
U.S. Conference Dial-In number: +1 209-255-1000 
Participant AccessCode: 394195#
To call in internationally, call from the numbers for each country here: http://d.pr/i/5O9m

Thanks for all the work everyone is doing,
-Evan Greer with Fight for the Future

Evan Greer
Campaign Manager
Fight for the Future
Cell: 978-852-6457
Skype: evanfromriotfolk

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