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Anriette Esterhuysen anriette at apc.org
Tue Nov 6 09:53:24 EST 2012

Hi all

I also spoke to the IGF secretariat and said that APC would be very
happy to have the postcards disseminated from our stand.

They said that would be fine.

I spoke with Adam Peake.


On 06/11/2012 16:45, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> On 06/11/2012, at 6:39 PM, Donny B.U. <dbu at donnybu.com> wrote:
>> dear jeremy and bestbits fellows,
>> chengethai masango from igf secretariat just met me, and he asked me about the postcard incident.
>> after I explained to him, he said that what happened is misscommunication from their side.
>> then he apologized for the communication. he said that ict watch can distribute those postcards again. 
>> ps: he also agree that maybe daniel dafoe, the officer that ask me not to distribute the postcard, read the sentences in the postcards literally and did not fully aware of the context. changetai said that he got some email asking about that. and i do believe, the pressure from bestbits brought significant impact to this. thank you :)
> I also spoke to him, and he said that he would aim to put some text on the IGF website to make the UN principles that apply to online and offline expression at the IGF more explicit.  If we have ideas for what these principles should be, I think that we should take the initiative to propose them.

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