Censorship of postcards at the IGF

Donny B.U. dbu at donnybu.com
Tue Nov 6 05:09:12 EST 2012

ok, i have his name, daniel dufour :)


On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Tapani Tarvainen wrote:

> On Nov 06 15:05, Donny B.U. (dbu at donnybu.com <javascript:;>) wrote:
> > actually, for the postcard, i dont know if our gov will allowed or not.
> but
> > i pressume, they will not happy also :)
> That is fairly obvious. But if presented in the right way, they might
> be pushed to a position where they see it in their best interest to take
> your side in this.
> So I'd like a message saying it's ridiculous for the UN to censor
> postcards because they advertise Indonesia as dangerously beautiful,
> at the same time praising Indonesia for their (!) pro-freedom-of-speech
> stand here.
> > internally, in indonesia i mean, we fight for the transparancy of the
> > censorship.
> Of course. But despite or indeed because of that it might be a good move
> to confuse the issue by praising Indonesia as a country for your actions.
> --
> Tapani Tarvainen

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