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Dear Ginger and all, it is indeed very sad. For the APC community it is
the loss of one of the founders of the network. Ian cared about
humanity, about social justice and human rights AND he cared about
people, about individuals and their experiences, hopes and fears. He was
not uncritical, but he trusted people's good intentions, treating
everyone with respect.

Every message I have from him (and I have just been rereading them) is
clear and constructive. Below I copy a post from him to the IGF list in
March 2009 in response to Wolfgang Kleinwaechter and Annan Ebenezer.


*Date: 20 March 2009 Subject: "Who owns the Internet?"*

"I am going to agree with the statement that no single person or entity owns
the Internet. I would go further and say I don't think there is even
collective ownership by all of us, although all of us might claim some
ownership of small parts of it (particularly bits of content, or in some
cases pipes and servers). But the whole here is much greater than the sum of
its parts so I find collective ownership difficult as well.

Which does not mean there is no need for governance. We don’t own rivers or
oceans or air or land either (apologies to any nation states or humans
arrogant enough to feel they own these things). But we do need to regulate
their use in various ways and have in place protective measures to ensure
they are available in a healthy state and an equitable manner for all of us.

And I think the Internet is like that - we do need to regulate and manage
for its overall health and its equitable availability. I think the ICANNs
and IANA agreements and other such early governance structures need to be
evaluated against basic principles like this for their current value in a
regulatory structure for Internet protection."

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On 2022/01/03 18:09, Ginger Paque via Governance wrote:
> I add my sadness to those so well-expressed here and elsewhere. I was
> privileged to know and work with Ian as IGC co-coordinator, colleague
> and co-author and co-lecturer -- even more in reading his
> conversations with participants in our course discussions.
> Ian always had such idealistic energy -- especially for civil society
> working together. We are missing (and celebrating) him at Diplo. 
> In memory of Ian Peter, internet pioneer and visionary thinker…
> <https://www.diplomacy.edu/blog/in-memory-of-ian-peter-internet-pioneer-and-visionary-thinker-2/>
> Warm regards to all for 2022,
> Ginger
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