[Governance] Outcome of CSCG CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2022 IGF MAG and MAG CHAIR

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Congratulations and best wishes to all the names proposed.






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Dear all, 


Following our deliberations, the Civil Society Coordination Group has endorsed the following nominations for the MAG 2022 renewal (the names are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of preference): 


    • Peace Oliver Amuge  

    • Josephine Miliza 

    • Jan Moolman Monare 

    • Bruna Martins dos Santos 

    • Parminder Jeet Singh 


This year's process has received thirteen nominations and have selected the listed above as our endorsed candidates for consideration for the five civil society positions available for the 2022 IGF MAG. We would like to congratulate all nominated candidates and thank you for your interest in this process. 


Best regards, 


 Civil Society Coordination Group Nominating Committee



Sheetal Kumar


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