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Dear all,

As one of the representatives of the IGC in the CSCG (see more information
below), I am pleased to let you know that we are conducting a nomination
process for the IGF 2022 MAG Renewal.

If you wish to nominate someone, or nominate yourself for either the MAG
Chair position or for a MAG civil society position, *and you wish to
receive CSCG endorsement for your nomination*, you can apply to do so by
following the instructions below. The deadline for the CSCG nomination
process is
*COB 07 September.*

Thank you, the Nomcom looks forward to receiving your nomination.


Please find below the details of the process by which all Internet
Governance Caucus members are invited to submit nominations to the Civil
Society Coordination Group (CSCG) as part of the  elections for the IGF
Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) for 2022.

The CSCG exists solely to ensure a coordinated civil society response and
conduit when it comes to making civil society appointments to outside

A dedicated Nomination Committee (or NomCom) has been set up to facilitate
this process within the CSCG. The NomCom is comprised of one (1)
representative from our coalition members who responded to a call to revive
the NomCom for the purposes of the 2022 MAG elections, namely the
Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Just Net Coalition (JNC),
and the Internet Governance Caucus (IGC). You will find all the necessary
information below.

The NomCom have been tasked by the Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG)
to run the process of selection and endorsement of civil society candidates
nominated for the IGF MAG selection round.

* Information on the process*

The call for nominations is at:

The Terms of Reference is at:

*Notes on MAG membership*

The MAG is composed of forty (40) members. For the IGF 2022, half of its
members are expected to be renewed. Among the twenty (20) members the IGF
2022 Call aims to identify 8 members from governments, 3 from the private
sector, 5 from civil society and 4 from the technical community.
Regionally, the balance among the new members could be: 4 from Africa, 8
from Asia Pacific, 1 from Eastern Europe, 3 from GRULAC and 4 from WEOG.

Concretely, the current indication is that the civil society stakeholder
group could have five (5) new members appointed for 2022. These could come
from Africa (2), Asia-Pacific (1) and GRULAC (2) regional groups. They
particularly encourage all nominators to nominate as many candidates as
possible, diversified across stakeholder groups, regions, countries, gender
and age. A careful consideration will be also given to the countries which
historically were not represented on the MAG, or alternatively were
represented only a few times. You can look at the records for the countries
represented on the MAG so far on this page

*Notes on MAG Chair Renewal *

The renewal of the MAG Chair rotates among stakeholder groups. So far, the
Chairs came from government, technical community and civil society
stakeholder groups.

We are now calling for nominations. These should be sent to all three
Nomcom members below by COB *07 September.*

   - valeria at apc.org
   - parminder at itforchange.net
   - sheetal at gp-digital.org

The selection criteria are the ones listed in the call for candidates, see
below.  Once the candidates are selected by the NomCom, a member of the
Nomcom will fill out the nomination form for each of our selected
candidates, using the information provided by the candidates

The timeline for the process is:

*02 September*: each coalition will issue its own call for candidates,
specifying that nominations should be sent to Valeria, Parminder and
Sheetal (see emails above) by COB 07 September. CSCG
members will circulate the call as widely as possible, to encourage
participation from all sectors of civil society. Deadline for nominations is
10 September.

*COB 07 September*: Nomcom receives nominations

*08-09 September:* The Nomcom will deliberate.

*10 September:* The non-voting Chair will submit candidates to IGF

* More information*
As part of the process of the annual renewal of IGF MAG, we are seeking
candidates from civil society.  Candidates will be evaluated by a CSCG
NomCom specifically created for this purpose.  The NomCom
will submit the selected nominations to the IGF using the official
IGF nomination form available on the web.

The selection criteria that the NomCom will use are shown below.

* Selection criteria*

Candidates should have extensive linkages with civil society groups.

Candidates must have the ability to represent civil society as a whole,
rather than any one particular group.

Candidates must be able to provide advice on the programme and main themes
of the next meeting of the IGF.

Candidates must be able attend, in person or remotely, two to three MAG
meetings in Geneva, Switzerland, in addition to the annual IGF meeting. They
should participate actively in the preparatory process throughout the year,
through engagement in the online multilateral dialogue among MAG members.
* Candidate applications*
Candidates should address the selection criteria in their nominations.

Self-nominations are allowed.

Candidates must provide the following information, which is required to fill
in the IGF nomination form:

   - Surname
   - First Name
   - Job Title
   - Organization
   - City of Residence
   - Country of Residence
   - Nationality(ies) (multiple nationalities can be specified, must be UN
   - countries)
   - Contact E-Mail
   - Contact Telephone number, including the country code
   - Justification for the nomination, providing relevant background
   - (no more than 250 words)
   - Specification on whether the nomination is for Chair or for a civil
   society position on the MAG:

Candidatures must be sent by E-Mail by 07 September, to Valeria, Parminder
and Sheetal (please email all three)


*Sheetal Kumar*
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