[Governance] 20 plus years of UN WSIS & IGF - our future

Amali De Silva amalidesilva at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 28 17:09:55 EST 2021

  Dear UN ITU WSIS / UN IGF Cross Cutting Community 
We are at a watershed and at a beginning vis-a-vis what the new structures for IGF will hold for our diverse multi-stakeholder community . We are global citizen centric and that means we approach policy matters in a humanitarian manner. 
I started in the community in 2000 through the WSIS prep-coms etc,, and we are 21 years on, mature, very much larger, perhaps in some areas more transparent and impactful in many ways, But very young and immature with respect to the emerging technologies that are going to be with us within a few years with Quantum Technology. AI I found to be the resounding issue of the past 5 years and we have still not mastered it, if we ever will. 
So we are now embarking on a future of multiple cross-cutting tracks, at multiple speeds and quality for the internet. One thing is certain, the world is ever more dependent on the internet and it is now a life-line rather than a high-way!
I have worked actively at UN IGF and UN ITU WSIS Forum 2021 to highlight the need to talk about the ethics of Quantum Technologies and especially of the issues of "Entanglement" which Einstein called "spooky". We are now on Mars, flying commercially in to out of space and quantum entanglement is already with us. The Quantum Internet is already being tested. 
Please, our IGF community's new structure will have to face new realities and Quantum is one of them, for which there is no prior training or insight! Please Don't keep it too long to search for the "Essence of Integrity" for QT/QI. This will be the "Holy Grail" or "Dharma" of Connectivity for the future.....
Kind regards and season's best,Amali De Silva-MitchellFounder & CoordinatorUN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies
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