[Governance] IGF Leadership panel: My personal stance

Nnenna Nwakanma nnenna75 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 08:05:57 EST 2021

Dear all

I do not have energy for  drawn-out debates. However, let me state my
personal perspective of the IGF Leadership panel

   - After 15 years of IGF, I, personally would like to see it take on more
   policy engagement, beyond the "talk, conversation, sharing experience"
   status in which it is at the moment. Wolfgang and Jovan's points provide
   enough background
   - I also do  not think that the IGF Leadership panel will prove to be a
   silver bullet, but it is worth a try.
   - The process that led to the Digital Cooperation Roadmap, which gave
   birth to the IGF suggestion was fully mutlistakeholder.  I have
   participated, in my personal capacity and via the Web Foundation for the
   past 3 years, right from BEFORE Paris IGF till today.
   - There is a Civil Society group (let me know if you  or your
   organisation wishes to engage) that has kept in collaboration with the
   Office of the UN Tech Envoy since its inception. Many orgs in this list are
   also there.
   - Some of us plan to engage in Our Common Agenda
   <https://www.un.org/en/content/common-agenda-report/>, and most
   importantly, the Global Digital Compact, that we believe will be in the
   works mainly in 2022 and 2023. This is the "Rebuilding after COVID Pandemic
   Report" launched by the UNSG at the UNGA76 as requested by the UNGA75
   - Personally, I have been asked by many if it is okay to nominate me to
   the IGF Leadership panel and my response has been "Yes, if you consider it
   right and think I can bring value".
   - Again, as a personal principle, I do not self nominate for anything,

All for now

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