[Governance] NOTICE: CSCG nomination process for IGF Leadership Panel

Mueller, Milton L milton at gatech.edu
Sat Nov 20 20:55:36 EST 2021

IGP joins all these groups in refusing to participate in the nomination process for the "Leadership" Panel.

Dr Milton L Mueller, Professor

School of Public Policy

Georgia Institute of Technology

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Dear All,

the forming of this Leadership Panel is neither in accordance with the mandate from the World Summit on the Information Society, not is it as per the wishes of what has been called as the ' IGF community'. Almost all civil society and even ISOC (and thus the technical community) was opposed to such a structure as has been formed. The letter linked in below email from Sheetal also makes it clear, which is signed by APC, ISOC, Access, Global digital Partners, and others<https://www.apc.org/en/pubs/open-letter-interpretation-paragraph-93a-un-secretary-generals-roadmap-digital-cooperation>. Just Net Coalition has already made its position on the whole process clear<https://justnetcoalition.org/big-tech-governing-big-tech.pdf>, and stand full against the formation of this Leadership Panel. It has no logic, and place in the Internet Governance ecosystem, and is completely an imposition from the Secretary General's office, which has of recent been busy forming new governance bodies with considerable dominance of corporations in many sectors.  This has been opposed by much of global civil society, also in an inter-sectoral manner.

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