[Governance] Call for application / Internet Society's Early Career Fellowship

Constance Bommelaer bommelaer at isoc.org
Wed Nov 10 03:14:11 EST 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Please see below the call for applications. Feel free to share across your networks.

Thank you,

Constance Bommelaer de Leusse
Area Vice President
Institutional Relations and Empowerment
The Internet Society

From: Alejandra Prieto <prieto at isoc.org>
Sent: Tuesday, November 9, 2021 5:48 PM
To: Constance Bommelaer <bommelaer at isoc.org>
Subject: Internet Society's Early Career Fellowship

Do you know Internet champions who could shape the future of the Internet?

The Internet is a resource of possibility and opportunity that has transformed our lives for the better. It’s where we collaborate, share ideas, and strengthen bonds. It’s where we work, learn, communicate, and innovate. But increasingly, there are challenges to the fundamental principles that underpinned its creation, and the digital divide is still huge. Defending these principles and advancing access requires Internet Champions!

Applications are  open<https://us-west-2.protection.sophos.com?d=internetsociety.org&u=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuaW50ZXJuZXRzb2NpZXR5Lm9yZy9mZWxsb3dzaGlwcy9lYXJseS1jYXJlZXIv&i=NjExZDIyY2Q4NzUzZDIwZjVkYWQ4NjI4&t=anZDazFqQ0VDb3J3QnZzV0hnQndJZ0N6cFJQTldTc1VpamFPSU9PUVVzTT0=&h=54ce1dccbc93477e9b3f802c0874da69> until 18 November 2021for the Early Career Fellowship, a professional development program that will empower the Internet Champions of the future. The Program will offer unparalleled access to world-class experts and resources. Our Fellows will develop their professional skills in leadership, communications, advocacy and project management.

Please, share this opportunity with those in your network who are early in their working career in the Internet ecosystem and might have a project idea that would grow and strengthen the Internet.

Thank you very much!

Best regards/Atentamente/Cordialement,

Alejandra Prieto

Senior Manager, Fellowship Programs
prieto at isoc.org<mailto:prieto at isoc.org>
internetsociety.org <https://us-west-2.protection.sophos.com?d=internetsociety.org&u=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuaW50ZXJuZXRzb2NpZXR5Lm9yZy8=&i=NjExZDIyY2Q4NzUzZDIwZjVkYWQ4NjI4&t=YWRvUllpU1pUMzNuOFEwL0NNdFhjYnJQNmVLWW5rbE9FN2RFWDNlNlZGTT0=&h=54ce1dccbc93477e9b3f802c0874da69> | @internetsociety

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