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    IGF 2021 – Official Opening of the IGF 2021 Preparatory and
    Engagement Phase - Introductory Session I

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Monday, 1st November, 2021 (14:00 SAST)

About this Session

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/Facilitated by MAG Issue Teams/

*IGF 2021 – Official Opening of the IGF 2021 Preparatory and Engagement

*- IGF 2021 Preparatory Sessions on (i) Universal access and meaningful
connectivity and (ii) Economic and social inclusion and human rights -*

*Introducing IGF 2021 issue areas - 12:00 UTC*

  * Keynote address by David Souter, Managing Director, ICT Development
    Associates; Member, UK IGF Organising Committee
  * Overview of the issue areas
  * Strategic goals for IGF 2021
  * Discussion

*Main challenges associated with the main focus areas *

The main goal is to**refine the scope of these issues with input from
the perspective of different regions and stakeholder groups; and to
establish a common ground on expectations for IGF 2021 outcomes.


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*PART I [12:30-14:00 UTC]*

*Universal Access and Meaningful Connectivity ‎*

This preparatory session will offer attendees an introduction to the
policy issue area of ‎Universal Access & Meaningful Connectivity (UAMC),
one of two Main Focus areas of the ‎IGF2021, as well as a preview of
related IGF programming.  The session will feature discussion ‎on
developing meaningful access to Internet infrastructure where there is
none, for example ‎through innovative business models and the creation
and maintenance of community networks, ‎as well as key topics relating
to accessibility and use of the Internet, such as Universal ‎Acceptance,
content in one’s own language, and digital skill-building.  All
interested are ‎welcome, and organizers and speakers in UAMC sessions
planned for IGF2021 are particularly ‎encouraged to attend, in order to
foster early connections and exchange in preparation for the ‎hybrid
event in December.‎


*Introduction - 5 minutes‎ - Sylvia Cadena (Moderator)

*Scene-Setting Remarks - 8 minutes‎ - Sonia Jorge

*Universal Access to Infrastructure – 15 minutes

•Community networks and capacity building, Carlos Baca

•Access to spectrum, Adriana Labardini

*Q&A - 10 minutes‎

*Accessibility - 15 minutes‎

•Topic 1 – Domain names as a navigation tool for other languages, Edmon

•Topic 2 – Applications/content in underserved languages, Chenai Chair

*Q&A - 10 minutes

*How do universal access to infrastructure and accessibility relate to
each other? - 15 minutes – All panelist discussion

*Conclusion - 5 minutes‎


/30-Minute Break/


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*PART II [14:30-16:00 UTC]*

*Economic and social inclusion and human rights*

While the topic of economic and social inclusion and human rights is not
new to internet ‎governance, this issue area has been gaining strength
as compared to previous IGFs. This ‎was also reflected by the total
number of workshop applications received (34%), which made ‎this the
issue group with the highest number of submissions. On the one hand, the
increased ‎importance of inclusion and human rights as compared to
previous years may be attributable ‎to middle to long term tendencies as
is also reflected in the UN Secretary General’s Road map ‎for digital
cooperation that identified inclusion and human rights as central to
digital public ‎goods. On the other hand, however, this new trend might
at least partly be attributed to the ‎disrupting effect of the still
ongoing covid-19 pandemic. Social and economic consequences ‎have
affected societies to different extents and stressed the need to rethink
the values that we ‎want digital technologies and the internet to serve. ‎

High-level speakers from government, business, academia and civil
society will discuss ‎emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. How
can the rising significance of inclusion ‎and human rights in societal
debates and public awareness be explained? What new risks ‎have emerged
since the pandemic? How can we use new opportunities offered by digital
‎technologies and the internet for positive change? And to this aim,
what governance strategies ‎should international organizations,
governments, civil society and business adopt to promote ‎inclusive
societies (e.g. sustainable development, education, health) recognising
the needs of ‎vulnerable and marginalised groups and at the same time
prevent new harms and risks to civil ‎and political rights (e.g. data
privacy, freedom of expression, new forms of surveillance and
‎manipulation of behaviour by private and state actors, AI ethics, hate
speech, child ‎protection)? What is the role of the IGF to promote
economic and social inclusion and human ‎rights? ‎


*Introductory remarks by moderator / MAG member, welcome to the
audience, short ‎description of topic and introduction of speakers (5

*First block - Trends, new opportunities and risks (35 min)‎

  * Short input talks of 4 speakers / panellist, 4 min per speaker (16
    min) ‎
  * Possibility to respond to other speakers’ inputs, 2 min per speaker
    (8 min)‎
  * Poll, ranking the top risks and opportunities identified by panellists
  *  Questions from the audience (10 min)‎

*Second block - Possible governance strategies to promote inclusion and
human ‎rights, including the role of the IGF (35 min)‎

  * Short input talks from speakers / panellists, 4 min each (16 min in
  * ‎‎Possibility to respond to other speakers’ inputs, 2 min per
    speaker (8 min)‎
  * ‎Poll, ranking the top governance strategies identified by panellists
  * ‎Questions from the audience (10 min)‎
  * Final discussion among audience and panellist (15 min)‎

*Short summary of main points by the moderator and outlook to the main
session at ‎IGF 2021 (5 min)‎

Anriette Esterhuysen - anriette at apc.org//anriette at gmail.com
Chair, United Nations Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group

Senior advisor global and regional internet governance
Association for Progressive Communications
www.apc.org // afrisig.org

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