[Governance] WEBCAST TODAY – VIRTUAL PEERING SERIES – AFRICA #8: Death of Transit & The Evolving Role of IXPs | LA SÉRIE VIRTUAL PEERING – AFRIQUE #8: Mort du transit et évolution du rôle des IXP

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This is, by a long chalk, the most popular event in the Virtual Peering
Series thus far - a LOT of sign ups. Of course, Geoff Huston has been
harping on about this for some time. It will be interesting to see what the
other operators have to say.

ISOC Live posted: "On Tuesday March 23 2021, at 13:00-14.30 UTC, the
African IXP Association, in partnership with the Internet Society, presents
the eighth webinar in the Virtual Peering Series – Africa, with the theme
'Death of Transit & The Evolving Role of IXPs'. Th"

[image: Livestream (English)]
<https://livestream.com/internetsociety/afpeering8>On *Tuesday March 23
2021*, at *13:00-14.30 UTC*, the *African IXP Association
<https://www.af-ix.net/>*, in partnership with the *Internet Society
<https://www.internetsociety.org/regions/africa/>*, presents the eighth
webinar in the *Virtual Peering Series – Africa
<https://www.afpif.org/virtual-peering-series-africa/>*, with the theme '*Death
of Transit & The Evolving Role of IXPs

The global Internet industry is consolidating. More traffic emanates from
fewer autonomous systems every day, primarily due to the growth of global
cloud & content delivery services. As more content and services migrate to
their platforms, they work to expand their private global networks to the
Internet’s edge via undersea cables, terrestrial networks, and data centers
where they interconnect directly with eyeball networks.

This installment of the Virtual Peering Series – Africa will explore what
this phenomenon means for Internet exchange points (IXPs) in Africa and
around the world.

[image: Livestream (Francais)]
<https://livestream.com/internetsociety2/afpeering8>Le *mardi 23 mars 2021*,
de *13h00 à 14h30* UTC, l'*Association africaine des IXP
<https://www.af-ix.net/>*, en partenariat avec l'*Internet Society
<https://www.internetsociety.org/regions/africa/>*, présente le huitième
webinaire de la série Virtual Peering - Afrique, sur le thème « *Mort du
transit et évolution du rôle des IXP

L’industrie Internet mondiale se consolide. Plus de trafic émane de moins
de systèmes autonomes chaque jour, principalement en raison de la
croissance des services mondiaux de cloud et de diffusion de contenu. À
mesure que de plus en plus de contenus et de services migrent vers leurs
plates-formes, ils s’efforcent d’étendre leurs réseaux mondiaux privés vers
la périphérie d’Internet via des câbles sous-marins, des réseaux terrestres
et des centres de données où ils s’interconnectent directement avec des
réseaux oculaires.

Cet épisode de la Série de peering virtuels – Afrique explorera ce que ce
phénomène signifie pour les points d’échange Internet (IXP) en Afrique et
dans le monde.


*Geoff Huston*, Chief Scientist, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
*Mark Tinka*, Head of Engineering, SEACOM
*Christian Kaufmann*, Vice President Technology, Akamai Technologies
*Patrick Christian*, Principal Analyst, TeleGeography

*Kyle Spencer*, Executive Director, Uganda Internet Exchange Point and
Co-Coordinator, African IXP Association
*Caglar Dabanoglu*, Senior Network Architect, Akamai Technologies


<https://livestream.com/internetsociety/afpeering8>* (English) (open

<https://livestream.com/internetsociety2/afpeering8>* (Francais)

*PARTICIPATE VIA ZOOM https://bit.ly/3sO9AaZ <https://bit.ly/3sO9AaZ> *(EN/FR
Interpretation, English closed captions)

*REAL TIME TEXT* *https://www.streamtext.net/text.aspx?event=CFI-ISOC
<https://www.streamtext.net/text.aspx?event=CFI-ISOC>* (English)

*TWITTER #IPeerinAfrica <https://bit.ly/IPeerInAfrica> @internetsociety
@AfIX https://bit.ly/IPeerInAfrica <https://bit.ly/IPeerInAfrica>*
Geoff Huston @apnic Mark Tinka @SEACOM @ckatminxsdotnet @Akamai Patrick
Christian @TeleGeography @kyleville @caglardabanoglu
*https://www.pscp.tv/ISOC_Live/ <https://www.pscp.tv/ISOC_Live/>*
*https://www.twitch.tv/isoclive <https://www.twitch.tv/isoclive> (English


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