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Sylvain Baya abscoco at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 21:05:38 EDT 2021

Dear all,

Hope you are doing well!

Le ven. 19 mars 2021 02:44, Paul Wilson via Governance <
governance at lists.igcaucus.org> a écrit :

> It seems to be “testing season” on various mailing lists these days.

:-) ...so, why not catch my opportunity to post on this mailinglist this
year :-/

Having to read others every times without replying become really boring :'-(

...sometimes opportunities should not pass with no action ;  today,  i
shall write too :-D

btw, OoT, could we start a collaborative wiki•igcaucus.org ? ;-)
...or a collaborative blog•igcaucus.org like the APNIC's Labs [1] style
blog :-/
[1]: <https://blog.apnic.net>

Thanks & Blessed saturday!


Something to do with the Northern Spring?
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