[Governance] SSI Use Case Competition

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Dear all,

Please find attached the flyer for a competition on use cases of a
particular type of digital identity - the Self-Sovereign Identity. Basic
information for the competition is outlined as follows.

*Sovrin SSI Use Case Competition Leaflet*

Sovrin has launched an SSI Use-Case Competition to attract companies and
organizations with use-cases that support the Principles of SSI
<https://sovrin.org/principles-of-ssi/>.  Prizes that are designed to help
accelerate implementation of high value use-cases that support Sovrin’s
vision of *Identity for All*.

NOTE:  we are extending the application deadline for this competition by
one week. So, we can accept applications until 21 March.

Please feel free to distribute this information to any people in your
network, particularly but not exclusively in Africa and in Europe. And, if
you or others you contact have questions, we’re happy to have a Zoom call
to discuss. You may contact Sumiran (sumiran at sovrin.org), our Sovrin
Membership Program Director,  who is responsible for organizing this



Mawaki Chango, PhD
Founder & CEO, DigiLexis Consulting
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Phone: (228) 92 14 22 22  Skype ID: digilexis
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