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> Dear All,
> Hope you can join Accessibility SIG in what looks to be a great event that our President Muhammad Shabbir has organized, titled: "Accessible Banking for the Blind in the 21st Century: Experience Sharing from the Developed and Developing Countries"
> Date: 26th March 2021, 1300 to 1430 UTC
> https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUude-grj8sHN0sDBiOa6WN5uolHUTnqqgw
> Many banks offer a number of digital services that allow consumers to pay bills and shop online all from the comfort of home without visiting your bank in person. However, even in this day and age people with blindness in some countries despite knowledge, skills and willingness, have to physically go to the bank branch to do their business because of the stubbornness of the bankers and/or their Ignorance to add accessible digital technologies to their systems. 
> Join Internet Society Accessibility Special Interest Group (Accessibility-SIG) in this interesting webinar where people with blindness from developed and developing countries come together to share their experiences with the banking sector in the 21st century.
> This discussion is a part of a series of webinars that ISOC Accessibility-SIG is organizing to spread the message of digital accessibility for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). The current pandemic has highlighted the grave importance of increasing the awareness of how to make digital spaces accessible. During this current Pandemic, where everything is virtual many online platforms, digital environments and even conferences are just not accessible to people with disabilities. Through this series of webinars, we hope to increase the awareness so that the digital spaces can be made more accessible and inclusive to all irrespective of the disability. Our goal is to make sure that the Internet is really for everyone just as the ISOC tagline states. In the next webinar of this series, we are bringing experts and users from around different parts of the world together to discuss the challenges that people with visual impairment/blindness face particularly with regards to the banking system.
> The English language webinar will be organized on Friday March 26th from 1300-1430 UTC on Zoom. Sign language is available upon request provided you notify us by March 15, 2021. Please email info at a11ysig.org
> ·       Full agenda will be circulated closer to the event.
> ·       Closed captioning will be provided at this link: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=CFI-A11YSIG
> ·       There will be a live webcast with open captions via ISOC.LIVE which will be archived, along with a transcript and any presentations
> REGISTER ON ZOOM http://bit.ly/a11ysig6
> Best Regards,
> Judith Hellerstein
> Accessibility SIG Secretary
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