[Governance] Do you work with any of these #WebChampions?

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Fri Mar 12 03:27:25 EST 2021

Hello here.

On this 32nd anniversary of the web, we are shining light on 9
#WebChampions doing awesome work across the world.

   1. *Arda Awais* and *Savena Surana*  who formed Identity 2.0
   2. *Avi Schiffmann*  who created one of the world’s most popular
   information hubs <https://ncov2019.live/> tracking COVID-19
   3. *Chelsea Slater*  who leads InnovateHer <https://innovateher.co.uk/>,
   a UK-based social enterprise whose mission is ‘Get girls ready for the tech
   industry and the tech industry ready for girls’
   4. *Froilan Grate*, an environmental educator and zero-waste advocate.
   He is the Asia Pacific Coordinator for GAIA <https://www.no-burn.org>,
   president of Mother Earth Foundation in the Philippines, and a founding
   core member of the global movement Break Free From Plastic
   5. *Hera Hussain*, the founder of Chayn <https://chayn.co/>, an online
   volunteer community that creates intersectional resources for survivors of
   gender-based violence
   6. *Ian Mangenga*, the founder and CEO of Digital Girl Africa
   <https://za.linkedin.com/company/digitalgirlafrica>, a women-focused
   digital hub
   7. *Peter Okwoko* who  founded Takataka Plastics
   <https://www.takatakaplastics.com/>, a social enterprise that transforms
   plastic waste into resources and
   8. *Salvador Camacho Hernández*, an Intellectual Property Law attorney
   and self-described “hardcore gamer” dedicated to fighting gender inequality
   in the growing and lucrative esports and online gaming space. He is the
   founder of the GGWP Foundation <https://www.facebook.com/ggwpfoundation/>,
   the first NGO in Mexico to take advantage of the esports and videogames
   industries as agents for society’s development

Read the letter from Sir Tim Berners-Lee
<https://webfoundation.org/2021/03/web-birthday-32/> and the stories of
these nine young people <https://webfoundation.org/2021/03/web-champions/>.
If you can, give them a #webchampions  shout out.

Many thanks!

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