[Governance] Big Tech governing Big Tech -- An open letter to UN SG to stop plans for a new High Level Multistakeholder Body

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Fri Mar 5 03:45:19 EST 2021

Dear All

This is anopen letter to the UN Secretary General
<https://justnetcoalition.org/big-tech-governing-big-tech.pdf> initiated
by 16 global and national level civil society networks and organisations
urging him to shelve plans for a High Level Multistakeholder Body which,
if set up, can be expected to become the default apex global digital
governance and policy body. This body is proposed to have a private
funding model, with strong hints also at a 'pay to play' model. It is
but obvious that Big Tech will come to dominate any such body.

Quoting from the letter:

    ///Not only in developing countries but also in the US and EU, calls
    for stronger regulation of Big Tech are rising. At the precise point
    when we should be shaping global norms to regulate Big Tech, plans
    have emerged for an ‘empowered’ global digital governance body that
    will evidently be dominated by Big Tech. Adding vastly to its
    already overweening power, this new Body would help Big Tech resist
    effective regulation, globally and at national levels. Indeed, we
    face the unbelievable prospect of ‘*a Big Tech led body for Global
    Governance of Big Tech’*./

 Two technical annexes to the open letter explain the background of the
matter in considerable detail.

*This letter is open for endorsements, *which can be done by writing an
email to _secretariat at justnetcoalition.org
<mailto:secretariat at justnetcoalition.org>_or filling _this form
midnight PST (GMT-8) of the 7^th of March.

Please also do circulate to other groups and networks where it may
attract interest.


The open letter may also be accessed at

French text is at :
https://justnetcoalition.org/big-tech-governing-big-tech-french.pdf and
Spanish version at -
https://justnetcoalition.org/big-tech-governing-big-tech-spanish.pdf **

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding the

Best, parminder
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