[Governance] WG: [IGF 2021] New intersessional work project: Policy Network on Environment and Digitalisation

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Betreff: [AI-IoT-BD] [IGF 2021] New intersessional work project: Policy Network on Environment and Digitalisation

Dear Colleagues,

After the environmental track has received much attention during the IGF 2020, the IGF 2021 cycle will focus on a new intersessional workstream: Policy Network on Environment and Digitalisation (PNE)<https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/policy-network-on-environment-and-digitalisation-pne>. Overall, the PNE will focus on assessing and gathering best practices on environment matters of relevance for the digital public policy.

The prime objective of the PNE would be to strengthen and enhance the ‘’intersessional policy development work’’, as per the IGF’s mandate and project document, but also the Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, through building on the success of the so far implemented IGF’s intersessional work including its Best Practice Forums (BPFs) and Dynamic Coalitions (DCs). The PNE would also help shed more light on the interplay between environment and digitalisation processes and place this topic higher on the Internet governance global agenda, thus contributing to the overall goal of protecting the environment and planetary health. It will further contribute to better understanding local specificities when it comes to environmental matters; assessing good practices and creating frameworks for long-term cooperation.

In the coming days, more information about the timeline and concrete steps on the PNE implementation will be shared. The IGF Secretariat invites stakeholders to subscribe to this dedicated public mailing list pne at intgovforum.org<mailto:pne at intgovforum.org>, through which all PNE-related information will be shared:

Subscribe to the PNE mailing list via this link: https://intgovforum.org/mailman/listinfo/pne_intgovforum.org

Best regards,
IGF Secretariat

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