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Dear all,

I am excited to share that the year-end issue of DataSyn is out! This
special issue brings together 21 experts to reflect on the battle
against Big Tech in 2021, and suggest trajectories to take the
resistance forward in the coming year. Also look out for our list of
media and book recommendations for your holidays! Check out the complete
issue below.

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Happy holidays!


Dispatches from the People's Tech Frontier
December 2021


Dear ,

To cap off the year, we reached out
to 21 powerful voices from around the world, across domains of research,
activism, and advocacy to capture the pulse of change in the battle
against Big Tech.

There are many successes worth celebrating this year – from landmark
judicial victories that constitute the first step towards restoring the
humanity of gig workers to resounding civic actions, campaigns, and new
modes of worker organizing that have forced governments and corporations
to sit up, take notice, and change course.

As you prepare to wind down and welcome in a new year, perhaps with the
caution and incertitude that most of the world embodies at this time,
this year end issue might provide the necessary hope for the road
forward. We also bring you something fun – a radical and edgy
smorgasbord of reading and media recommendations on technology
hand-picked by our experts that you can peruse through and savor for weeks. 
Wishing you a happy holiday season,
The DataSyn Team 

21 Takes on Big Tech from 2021

21 experts guide us
through the small and big victories in the fight against Big Tech across
the world in this series of short interviews. They offer us diverse
trajectories of resistance, opportunity and defiance for the year to
come in the steady march against Big Tech capture.


Cracks in the Edifice: An Illustrative Essay from the People’s Tech

*The DataSyn Team*

As most of the world concludes a year of precarity, deprivation, and
widening inequality, Big Tech is poised to hit double-digit rates of
growth, with the top five global corporations looking to make $1.398
trillion in combined revenue in 2021.

Yet, this is only part of the picture. 2021 was also a year
of subversion, with activists, workers, and even nation-states, throwing
down the gauntlet. Read more
about these moments of resistance against Big Tech in our illustrative


/ In courts across the world, gig workers took Uber to task demanding
workplace dignity. /


/The Chinese government paved the way for new data imaginaries through
its Big Tech crackdown./


/Women platform workers took to the streets in India, protesting against
exploitative algorithms and fighting for fair wages and working conditions./


/South Africa introduced critical policy measures, asserting its digital
sovereignty. /


/2021 saw many legal challenges stopping Amazon in its tracks,
culminating in the global Make Amazon Pay campaign in November,
with workers, activists, and civil society organizations coming together
to disrupt Amazon's supply chains. /


/Simmering rage against dominant platforms like Grab and Gojek has
sparked off increased public demonstrations by a burgeoning unionized
platform workforce in East Asia.  /

The Sins and Synergies Lounge

What could a Cold War caper teach us about modern anxieties about AI?
 Can contemporary Chinese science fiction tell us anything about the
imminent future? Experts we contacted for this issue think we have a lot
to learn from these reading and media suggestions. Check out our
one-of-a-kind recommendation list
about all things Big Tech!



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