[Governance] Multistakeholderism and Content Moderation

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The term "multistakeholder" (MS) is now claimed as a legitimizing feature of various international, Internet-related policy development entities. While in many ways the advance of MS governance is a good thing, it also means that the term can be applied loosely or even deceptively. We need to ask what multistakeholderism really means in a particular policy environment, and we need to assess critically how organizations that adopt the label are set up.
In our upcoming IGF workshop (Friday at 11:15 CET, 10:15 UTC) we showcase a set of criteria for analyzing and contrasting multistakeholder initiatives. We will then apply those criteria to 3 recent initiatives related to content governance: the Christchurch Call and its Advisory Network, the Facebook Oversight Board, and the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT). We will have representatives of all three initiatives on the panel as well as civil society advocates.
The link to the panel is here: https://www.intgovforum.org/en/content/igf-2021-ws-57-multistakeholder-initiatives-in-content-governance

1. Farzaneh Badiei: Moderator and Introduction
2. Milton Mueller - Presentation of Multistakeholder Governance Criteria
3. Discuss specific initiatives:
- Ellen Strickland, NZ Government, CC Call and CCAN
- Erin Saltman (GIFCT)
 - Rachel Wolbers (Facebook Oversight Board)
4. Dia Kayali and Courtney Radsch, commentary
5. Audience Q&A

Please join us tomorrow, we look forward to your participation in the workshop.


Dr. Milton L Mueller
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Public Policy
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