[Governance] Inviting JNC members and friends to a workshop on JNC's new directions of work

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Dear All

The Just Net Coalition (JNC) is doing a 2.5 hours event, consisting of 3
panels, on ***"Digital policy making from below -- Ask the impacted
sectors first"*, on *December 6th*, from 09.30 to 12.00 UTC. Those at
the venue of the Internet Governance Forum in Katowice, Poland, the
physical place will be Ballroom A. 

As will be clear from the workshop note below, and enclosed, the event
is around discussing *a new paradigm of digital policy development*,
which in our view should be the best way of discovering and anchoring
public interest with respect to our digital future.

In pursuance of this belief of JNC, which is still shaping up, and this
event is a part of that exercise, it is also expected that JNC will
re-orient itself more consciously to this new direction in its work --
developing the required networks of civil society groups, from inside
and outside digital arena, and proposing and advocating for institutions
that would best enable and facilitate this new context and the needs of
the proposed new paradigm of digital policy making. 

The event should therefore be interesting and useful for *all JNC
members and friends*, as well as *all those who grapple with*
*institutional issues around how to best develop digital policies*, so
key to humanity's future.

We invite all of you to attend. Instructions on how to attend are in the
workshop note. For those never been to an IGF and/or not registered for
this one, please do *register right away - -meaning today* - -to be able
to participate.

See you at the discussions.


/*Digital Policy Making from Below – Ask the Impacted Sectors First*/

*Hybrid****e**vent organized by Just Net Coalition at **the*

*16th **United National Internet Governance Forum (IGF)*

*December 06, 09.30-12.00 UTC*

*Ballroom A (onsite) /Online *

The Just Net Coalition
invites you to our hybridevent, ‘/*Digital Policy Making from Below –
Ask the Impacted Sectors First’*/, taking place on December 6^th 2021,
from 09.30 to 12.00 UTC.

JNC has been conveningregular events at the UN Internet Governance
Forum’s (IGF) annual meetings, bringing key contemporary issues in
digital justice, as well asJNC’s work and journey, intoa public
discussion. At the last in-person meeting, at the IGF Berlin in December
2019, we released the _JNC Manifesto for Digital Justice_
<https://justnetcoalition.org/digital-justice-manifesto>. In 2020, our
virtual session at the IGFon‘Digital Justice Conversations’, witha
keynote from Saskia Sassen,saw a renewed commitment and dialoguetowards
a _Digital New Deal_ <https://itforchange.net/digital-new-deal/>. This
year, the IGF will be held at Katowice, Poland, in a hybrid formant and
we convene again to push the needle on aprogressive agenda for digital

It is crucial to open up avenues and create spaces for organizations and
civil society from sectorsthat are actually impacted by the ‘digital’ –
health, education, agriculture, labor, trade, finance, media, etc., that
enable them toinfluenceand shapedigital policies. They should be able to
engage with central digital policy issues such as 'who owns data’, 'what
are the appropriate rules of platform management’, what is ‘just and
fair AI', etc. Such ‘sectoral actors’ need to be put intoa sustained
dialogue with actors in the digital arena on digital policy issues. This
has to be undertakenin a manner that respects and employs their
respective competences to together determine what is public interest in
a digital society. This we think must bethe future of how digital policy
is made.

Just Net Coalition plans to orient itself towards building such
possibilities, and appropriate networks and institutions, for
cross-sectoral, participatory, digital policy making. The Coalition has
embarked on a project in this regard, working with leading progressive
organizations in various sectors.

At theevent on/*Digital Policy Making from Below – Ask the Impacted
Sectors First’, */the first panel discussion will bring together some of
the ‘sectoral organisations’ collaboratingwith JNC to present their
views, ideas, as well as the current work that they are undertakingin
JNC’sproject on cross-sectoral engagement for digital policy making.

A second panel will pick up from the first panel’s presentions to build
upa more general discussion about the way digital policies should be
shaped with equitable and empowering participation of actors from the
‘impacted sectors’, ***towards **a new****paradigm of digital policy
**making**. *

In the end, we will have an open discussion on what role the Just Net
Coalition, and other progressive groups, both in the digital arena and
the ‘impacted sectors’, couldplay to develop the needed networks, as
well as advocate for development of *the**institutional **conditions
**required **for **the new policy paradi**gm**.*Here wewill zoom in to
explore some specific directions that JNC maytake in the coming years.

We invite you to be a part of this urgent and important conversation.

*How to join:*


    If attending in person, please join us at Ballroom A at the IGF
    venue in Katowice, Poland


    If attending virtually


        If you are already registered to attend IGF, please add our
        your IGF schedule and click the register and attend option 24
        hours before to receive your meeting link.


        If you haven’t registered for the IGF 2021, you can do so here
        attend our sessions as well as other workshops.


*Time Slot (UTC) *


*Session Details *

9.30 to 9.35



9.35 to 9.45


Opening remarks

Sean O'Siochru & Parminder Jeet Singh , Just Net Coalition – who will
also anchor the event with its three panels

9.45 to 11.00


*Session**1 – **A view from the sectors impacted by the ‘digital’*


    Lara Merling, International Trade Union Confederation


    Jun Ho Jung, People’s Health Movement


    Chee Yoke Ling, Third World Network


    C/é/dric Leterme, The Tricontinental Centre


    Elenita Dāno, ETC Group



*Session 2 – ‘Impacted sectors first’ – A new paradigm of digital policy



    Deborah James, Centre for Economic Policy and Research


    Nachiket Udupa, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan


    Richard Hill, Association for Proper Internet Governance


    Amber Sinha, Center for Internet and Society



*Open discussion on the future role and directions of Just Net
Coalition, and other progressive actors interested in digital policies *



*Closing remarks *

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