[Governance] 170 orgs send an open letter to UN SG to stop plans for a new High Level Multistakeholder Body

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Fri Apr 2 04:05:09 EDT 2021

Since the below questions are direct, and you insist on responses to
them, let me try -- although there are quite beside the point and
distracting ..

> This ignores several salient points, some of which were raised on my
> last message and never answered:
> -          What if governments are unwilling or unable to provide the
> needed funds but the community of actors involved can raise their own
> (private) funds?if the
What if  Trump's goons had taken over the capitol hill? What if the
insurrection was successful?   I cannot keep suggesting models for every
calamitous situation of a full institutional collapse.  There are some
working models at the global level, and we should go by them and improve
them. What if governments withdraw from global gov responsibility? Who
will govern the world then? Every what-if question cannot be answered. 

> -          Don’t national governments also have key geopolitical
> interests in internet governance and wouldn’t they be able to use
> their funding as leverage? Why isn’t this “scandalous”?
Yes they have geopolitical interests, as UN senators have extremely
partisan and special-interest proclivities, but end up passing a public
budget for the whole of the US.  There are problems with all political
models .. Some efforts and struggles are on to improve principles and
ways of funding public institutions at global levels too - like trying
to improve committed funding from members in a single untied pool and
conduct policy functions from that pool -- which mostly remains the case
. We need to further improve these models rather then quote their
admitted shortcomings for moving further backwards ...

> -          If private sectors funds are sufficiently diversified, can
> bad influence be mitigated?
I have asked you -- suggest this for public policy functions in the US
and OECD, and you will know where you stand, and how ridiculous such a
'diversified private funding' model for public policy functions really
is .... No, bad influence cannot be mitigated, just like, to give an
extreme example -- if men were to rule over women, a problem which is
only to be mitigated by getting a very diverse set of men ... All the
diversified membership for instance of the International Chambers of
Commerce still leads to very lopsided 'profit over people' positions
coming from the ICC ...


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