[Governance] IT for Change at the UN Internet Governance Forum 2020

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Fri Oct 30 06:02:14 EDT 2020

 Dear all,

Please find below our list of sessions we are organizing and speaking at
during the 2020 UN IGF.

Looking forward to your presence! Please feel free to share it within
your networks.

*The Digital Justice Conversations*

Pre-event organized by the Just Net Coalition and IT for Change

*Tuesday, Nov 3 | 09:20 AM - 12:20 PM UTC*
*Speakers from IT for Change:* Parminder Jeet Singh, Nandini Chami,
Anita Gurumurthy and more

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*Safe Digital Spaces, a dialogue on countering cyberviolence*

Open Forum organized by the Web Foundation, UN Women and IT for Change

*Wednesday, Nov 4 | 05:50 PM - 06:50 PM UTC*
*Speakers from IT for Change:* Bhavna Jha and Nandini Chami

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*Internet Commons Forum*

Pre-event organized by FGV, ISOC, APC, Centrum Cyfrowe and Free2Air

*Wednesday, Nov 4 | 04:00 PM - 05:40 PM UTC*
*Speakers from IT for Change:* Parminder Jeet Singh

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*How Do You Embed Trust and Confidence in AI?*

Debate organized by Ansgar Koene, EY and Fatima Hassan, EY

*Thursday, Nov 12 | 12:20 PM - 01:20 PM UTC*
*Speakers from IT for Change:* Parminder Jeet Singh

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*Bridging the Data Divide — for Planet, People and Prosperity*

Workshop organized by IT for Change

*Friday, Nov 13 | 08:00 AM - 09:30 AM UTC*
*Speakers from IT for Change:* Anita Gurumurthy and Deepti Bharthur

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*How to attend:*

*Register for IGF here
then *go to the individual session links provided in this email and
click "_Add this session to my Schedule_" *to* *get your unique Zoom
link for the session.

Or, *you can visit **the IGF YouTube page*
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk0zf4oI0IsJLh1owvUQSfQ>* where open
sessions will be streamed live.

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