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Bruna Martins dos Santos bruna.mrtns at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 08:55:51 EDT 2020

Dear all,

Sheetal and I would like to thank you very much for attending our IGC Call
this morning.

Additionally, we would like to share the minutes of our meeting with some
of the discussions.

Best Regards,
Bruna Santos


*IGC Call - 21/10/2020*

*1) Intros/agenda*

Attendance: Amrita Choudhury (CCAOI), Bruna Santos (IGC Co-Coordinator),
Camille Grenier (RWB), Deirdre, Judith Hellerstein (Internet Society
Chapters+ other groups), Judith Lichtenberg (Executive Director - GNI),
Michael Oghia (GFMD), Nnenna (Web Foundation), Paul Wilson (APNIC), Paula
Martins (APC), Sheetal Kumar (GPD and IGC Co-Coordinator)

*2) HLP roadmap updates including tech envoy updates and 'Options Paper'*

- GNI issued submission to HLP in January

- Always trying to identify possible synergies with Tech community and
Civil Society?

- Options paper:

- MAG WG on Strengthening the IGF paper:

- Diplo summary of the roadmap:


* Process v. concentrated at the Secretary-General;

* Report of the HLPDC outlines 5 action areas for action - Global
Connectivity, Inclusion, Digital Rights, AI and Data and Digital Trust and

* Roundtables analyzed the report and sent their suggestions for the action
areas; this informed the "Roadmap" which was launched earlier this year.

* Roundtable on trust and security could not agree on a document to submit
to the roadmap; however, there was a statement on the proposed commitment
to trust and security issued by civil society groups:

* Unclear information with regards to the future of the roundtables and how
their work will continue; however they are still active and can be joined
(email the Executive Office of the SG to join)

* Concerns around lack of coordination or space for actually receiving
comments from the different sectors;

* Might be of interest to the IGC to support the MAG response to the
Options paper

*3) IGC IGF events (pre-event and workshop session)*

*- IGC Day Zero event: *

*- IGC Panel: *

*4) Next steps*: Possible actions for IGC members

*# 1: Add your/your organisations name to the civil society letter on the
Tech Envoy appointment here: *

*#2: Get involved in one of the five roundtables*
There are five roundtables that continue their work on how to
operationalise the Roadmap. You can request to join them by contacting the
Executive Office of the SG.

*#3: Get involved in discussions on IGF+ via IGF on MAG Strengthening and
- Endorse the MAG WG response paper?

*#4 Attend the IGC events at IGF *

IGC Pre-event "Civil society coordination meeting: Public Interest internet"

*It will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd from 15:10-16:40 GMT.*


IGC workshop "Will the Public Interest Internet Please Stand Up"?

*It will take place on Friday, 13 Nov 14:00-15:-00 UTC*


*Bruna Martins dos Santos *

Skype ID: bruna.martinsantos
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