[Governance] 2021 MAG Announcement

Bruna Martins dos Santos bruna.mrtns at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 15:06:41 EST 2020

Dear all,

Hope this email finds you well!

The list of the 2021 MAG have just been announced and I would like to
congratulate all reappointed and incoming MAG members.

On that note, special congratulations to @Amrita Choudhury
<amritachoudhury8 at gmail.com> for the appointment as she was one of the CSCG
supported names.

Full list can be found here:

Looking forward to working with the 2021 MAG in the upcoming year!

Best Regards,
*Bruna Martins dos Santos *

Skype ID: bruna.martinsantos
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