[Governance] Please reconnect at IGF 2020

Jeremy Malcolm Jeremy at Malcolm.id.au
Tue Nov 10 14:16:17 EST 2020

Dear all,

I am rejoining this list after accidentally being absent from it for the last eight months… I somehow missed the migration over from the previous riseup address, and had assumed that everyone had just fallen silent or that the list was broken. Noticing the IGC session at the IGF yesterday was my cue to rejoin. It is good to be back and I hope that you are all well.

Before the pandemic hit, IGF and RightsCon were the events that I depended upon to reconnect with old friends and colleagues, so although it’s a bit different this year, I want to continue the tradition. if you notice me in an event please do feel free to DM me to catch up. I will also be at the IGF Village staffing the Prostasia Foundation village booth. There is a village tours tomorrow, or you can book a time for a 1-on-1 on our village booth page:


And before I go, a quick plug for a current campaign Prostasia is running to raise awareness of a European Commission proposal to legalize mass surveillance of encrypted emails, using the justification of child protection. We’re looking for a European activist to help volunteer with coordination of this campaign, so please be in touch if that is you:


Thanks and enjoy IGF 2020.

Jeremy Malcolm

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