[Governance] WEBCAST TODAY: VIRTUAL PEERING SERIES – AFRICA #4: IXP Traffic Behavior During the Pandemic in Africa | LA SÉRIE VIRTUAL PEERING – AFRIQUE #4: Comportement du trafic IXP pendant la pandémie en Afrique #IPeerinAfrica

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Tue Nov 3 08:23:01 EST 2020

Every year I say that AfPIF is the single best event that ISOC puts on.
Because interconnecting networks is the very essence of what we do. This
year it is virtual, and spread out over time, but no less valuable.

ISOC Live posted: "On Tuesday November 3 2020, at 13:00-15.00 UTC, the
African IXP Association, in partnership with the Internet Society, presents
the fourth webinar in the Virtual Peering Series – Africa, with the theme
'IXP Traffic Behavior During the Pandemic in Africa'."

[image: livestream]
<https://livestream.com/internetsociety/afpeering4>On *Tuesday
November 3 2020*, at *13:00-15.00 UTC*, the* African IXP Association
<https://www.af-ix.net>*, in partnership with the *Internet Society
<https://www.internetsociety.org/regions/africa/>*, presents the fourth
webinar in the *Virtual Peering Series – Africa
<https://www.afpif.org/virtual-peering-series-africa/>*, with the theme '*IXP
Traffic Behavior During the Pandemic in Africa

This session aims to understand the behavior of traffic at African IXPs
during the COVID-19 pandemic. Was there significant traffic increase due to
the lockdown? Were there countries where there was a decrease in traffic
mainly because people traditionally accessed more Internet from their
offices? How critical are IXPs in these situations? It would also be
relevant to understand the inter-regional traffic pattern during the

[image: livestream]
<https://livestream.com/internetsociety2/afpeering4>Le *mardi
4 novembre 2020*, de *13h00 à 15h00 UTC*, l'*Association africaine des IXP
<https://www.af-ix.net>*, en partenariat avec l'*Internet Society
<https://www.internetsociety.org/regions/africa/>*, présente le quatrième
webinaire de la *série Virtual Peering - Afrique
sur le thème « *Comportement du trafic IXP pendant la pandémie en Afrique

Cette session vise à comprendre le comportement du trafic sur les IXP
africains pendant la pandémie COVID-19. Y a-t-il eu une augmentation
significative du trafic en raison du verrouillage? Y a-t-il eu des pays où
le trafic a diminué principalement parce que les gens accédaient
traditionnellement à plus d'Internet depuis leurs bureaux? Dans quelle
mesure les IXP sont-ils critiques dans ces situations? Il serait également
utile de comprendre la configuration du trafic interrégional pendant la

*Kyle Spencer*, Executive Director, Uganda Internet Exchange Point, and
Co-Coordinator, African IXP Association
*Andrew Baskett*, Edge Strategy Manager, Facebook
*Andrew Owens*, Technical Lead for Interconnection & Peering, Teraco Data
*Muhammed Rudman*, CEO, Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN)
*Amreesh Phokeer*, Research Manager, AFR

*Darwin Costa*, Senior Business Development Latin America (LATAM) & Africa,
*Chidinma Iwe*, Systems Architect, Cisco


<https://livestream.com/internetsociety/afpeering4> (English) (open

<https://livestream.com/internetsociety2/afpeering4>* (Francais)

*PARTICIPATE VIA ZOOM **https://bit.ly/2TKzcpM* <https://bit.ly/2TKzcpM>
(EN/FR Interpretation, English closed captions)

*REAL TIME TEXT https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=CFI-ISOC
<https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=CFI-ISOC>* (English)

*TWITTER #IPeerinAfrica <https://bit.ly/IPeerInAfrica>* @internetsociety

*https://www.pscp.tv/ISOC_Live/ <https://www.pscp.tv/ISOC_Live/>*
*https://www.twitch.tv/isoclive <https://www.twitch.tv/isoclive>*



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