[Governance] Pre-event tomorrow, Monday, 6.00 UTC at Room 3 on possibly factored Stakeholder Balance

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Hello All,

IGF pre-event scheduled to take place on Day 1, Monday, November 2,  6.00 -
7.00 UTC at Room III:  Stakeholder Balance: Do we need factored balance,
factored differently between one Governance topic and another?"

This would be an exploratory discussion, but could possibly gain clarity
from the session:
would examine the questions:

I*n Internet Governance, Stakeholder balance has always been conceptually
thought of and championed as uniform stakeholder balance, be it in policies
and programs related to Privacy, Security, Trust, Capacity Building etc.
The stakeholders experienced certain difficulties in reaching the required
level of understanding concerning stakeholder balance, for instance, in the
area of Security, as Security has some sort of essential affinity with
Secrecy. Likewise, it might be conceptually unnecessary to include a
proportionate number of business stakeholders in the area of Capacity
Building. The question placed on the table is: Do we need an unvarying
proportion of a standard mix of stakeholders for every policy area? Is it
wise to suit the stakeholder balance for exceptional policy areas? For
instance, more than proportionate participants from the Academic Community
in matters related to Capacity Building or more than proportionate
Government stakeholder participation in matters related to Security? These
are the questions, the Day0 event is proposed to place these questions for
perspectives, with a view to get past hitherto inevitable hurdles to the
progress of the multistakeholder model, and to ensure a fair balance of
stakeholders in overall Internet Governance, which might also pave way for
stakeholders to embrace the multi-stakeholder process in Business and

Please join the discussion.

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