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Sophie asked me to pass this along.

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Dear All,

The Data Protection Unit of the Council of Europe is pleased to organise
remote and open sessions to present the work of its Committee of
Convention108 to a broader audience than the Delegations usually attending
our meetings in Strasbourg.

Six crisp lightning thematic sessions will be held from the 1st to the 3rd
of July.

Please join us for whole or part of the programme, with a fantastic virtual
line-up of speakers.

You will learn about our work on 6 different topics (see programme below) :

   - Session 1: How to ensure that countries that commit to Convention 108+
   comply with its provisions? Why do we need a *follow-up and evaluation
   mechanism*, and which one?
   - Session 2: How do we address the latest challenges posed by *profiling*
   in AI era?
   - Session 3: What does the right to data protection imply in an *educational
   setting*? What schools have to do, and what they should stop doing?
   - Session 4: Are *digital identity* programmes being implemented with
   privacy by design?
   - Session 5: Mirror of our souls: learning Cicero’s lessons and
   addressing *facial recognition* risks
   - Session 6: *Political campaigns and elections*: why is data protection
   so crucial?

The complete programme for the sessions with the details of speakers is
available on our web site together with a link to access the related
working documents:

If you are interested to join, please email dataprotection at coe.int

Each session gives the possibility for questions and comments, after having
alerted the moderator in writing via the chat.

See you on line on 1, 2 and 3 July.

Yours Sincerely

The Secretariat


Joly MacFie  +2185659365
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