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This is both timely and needed. Thank you!

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> Dear all
> As your co-coordinators, Bruna and I are writing with an update in the
> context of the ongoing discussions regarding the UNSG's roadmap on
> digital cooperation.
> <https://www.un.org/en/content/digital-cooperation-roadmap/>
> We see this particular point in discussions on 'internet governance' or
> digital cooperation as an opportunity for IGC members, both new and old, to
> get involved in these discussions. In order to do that, we're announcing a
> membership review! This means we will contact everyone who is a member of
> the list, and ask if your details are up to date, if you're interested in
> discussions regarding the UNSG's roadmap and you want to remain a member.
> If, after six weeks from us sending the email, we receive no reply we'll
> remove the email from the list. This doesn't remove the option of rejoining
> if you want to. We hope this membership review will identify members
> interested in participating in these discussions.
> A few of us are also working on text to deliver regarding the appointment
> of a new Tech Envoy. We also hope the IGC membership will be interested in
> shaping the new MAG/future of the MAG proposed in the SG's roadmap by
> building a position on what that looks like.
> Do let Bruna or I know if you have any questions. We'll be in touch with
> you soon!
> Best
> Sheetal and Bruna.
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