[governance] Excellent News for Brazil, the IGF and Community Networks

Julián Casasbuenas G. julian at colnodo.apc.org
Fri Feb 21 12:41:44 EST 2020

Dear Luca,

Indeed very good news, we have send this information to the Ministry of
ICTs in Colombia in order to consider this experience for the
recognition of Community Networks in Colombia as well. I think this will
help us on this endeavor.



El 21/02/20 a las 4:51 a. m., LB at lucabelli.net escribió:
> Dear all,
> I would like to share some excellent news from Brazil, that has also a
> very positive impact on the IGF and its work.
> The Brazilian Telecoms Regulator ANATEL has explicitly and officially
> recognized Community Networks as an option for Internet access in
> Brazil and, while doing so, explicitly mentions (and links) “The
> Community Network Manual” (2018 outcome of the IGF Dynamic Coalition
> on Community Connectivity) in the rational for this decision.
> https://www.anatel.gov.br/setorregulado/component/content/article/2-uncategorised/528-redes-comunitarias
> <https://webmail.fgv.br/owa/redir.aspx?C=ASAS1-qCGYDOs0f2oLeOKBVdyvZ9UF1V1Zv-w_FifNLHeLpdrLbXCA..&URL=https%3a%2f%2fwww.anatel.gov.br%2fsetorregulado%2fcomponent%2fcontent%2farticle%2f2-uncategorised%2f528-redes-comunitarias>
> This is, to date, the biggest country on hearth explicitly recognising
> the value of CNs. The creation of CNs in Brazil was already possible,
> as simplified ISPs, since 2017 (see our study here on CN in Latin
> America here
> https://www.internetsociety.org/resources/doc/2018/community-networks-in-latin-america/
> ) but this is the first time ANATEL officially uses the CN terminology
> providing both legal and technical guidance (using the CN Manual!) on
> how to create them.
> This is not only important for Brazil but also represent another*piece
> of concrete evidence that the IGF is not a mere talking shop and when
> people want to use the IGF process to produce meaningful outcomes,
> they can. And, importantly, IGF outputs can have real impact on
> digital policies.
> My sincerest congratulations to ALL those who dedicated time to
> development and use of the CN Manual, particularly the members of the
> IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity that are on this list!
> All the best
> Luca
> *In case you are looking for other concrete examples, please find a
> selection below:
> - In 2018, the inclusion of the Zero Rating Map (developed by DCNN) in
> the State of the Internet Report of the French Telecom Regulator ARCEP
> https://www.arcep.fr/uploads/tx_gspublication/report-state-internet-2018_conf050618-ENG.pdf
> - In 2016 the inclusion of the Recommendations on Terms of Service and
> Human Rights in the ToS and HR the joint FGV & Council of Europe
> report on the subject
> https://www.coe.int/en/web/freedom-expression/home/-/asset_publisher/RAupmF2S6voG/content/terms-of-service-and-human-rights-an-analysis-of-online-platform-contracts?inheritRedirect=false
> The Recommendations were later used for the elaboration of the CoE
> Recommendation (2018)2 of the Committee of Ministers on the roles and
> responsibilities of internet intermediaries
> https://search.coe.int/cm/Pages/result_details.aspx?ObjectID=0900001680790e14
> - In 2013 the inclusion of the Model Framework on Net Neutrality in
> this expert report ( https://rm.coe.int/16805a09ca )that originated
> the elaboration of the CoE Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)1of the
> Committee of Ministers on network neutrality
> https://search.coe.int/cm/Pages/result_details.aspx?ObjectID=09000016805c1e59
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> Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, FGV Law School, Rio
> de Janeiro 
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> *t:* @1lucabelli
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