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Dear Luca, all:

Congratulations to you and the DC3! You're absolutely right in your
assessment, and also demonstrates the impact a DC can have. This is very
inspiring for our work as well, and I encourage even greater collaboration
and bridge building between our initiatives wherever possible.


On Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 10:52 AM <LB at lucabelli.net> wrote:

> Dear all,
>  I would like to share some excellent news from Brazil, that has also a
> very positive impact on the IGF and its work.
>  The Brazilian Telecoms Regulator ANATEL has explicitly and officially
> recognized Community Networks as an option for Internet access in Brazil
> and, while doing so, explicitly mentions (and links) “The Community Network
> Manual” (2018 outcome of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community
> Connectivity) in the rational for this decision.
> https://www.anatel.gov.br/setorregulado/component/content/article/2-uncategorised/528-redes-comunitarias
>  This is, to date, the biggest country on hearth explicitly recognising
> the value of CNs. The creation of CNs in Brazil was already possible, as
> simplified ISPs, since 2017 (see our study here on CN in Latin America here
> https://www.internetsociety.org/resources/doc/2018/community-networks-in-latin-america/
> ) but this is the first time ANATEL officially uses the CN terminology
> providing both legal and technical guidance (using the CN Manual!) on how
> to create them.
>  This is not only important for Brazil but also represent another* piece
> of concrete evidence that the IGF is not a mere talking shop and when
> people want to use the IGF process to produce meaningful outcomes, they
> can. And, importantly, IGF outputs can have real impact on digital policies.
>  My sincerest congratulations to ALL those who dedicated time to
> development and use of the CN Manual, particularly the members of the IGF
> Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity that are on this list!
>  All the best
>  Luca
>  *In case you are looking for other concrete examples, please find a
> selection below:
>  - In 2018, the inclusion of the Zero Rating Map (developed by DCNN) in
> the State of the Internet Report of the French Telecom Regulator ARCEP
> https://www.arcep.fr/uploads/tx_gspublication/report-state-internet-2018_conf050618-ENG.pdf
>  - In 2016 the inclusion of the Recommendations on Terms of Service and
> Human Rights in the ToS and HR the joint FGV & Council of Europe report on
> the subject
> https://www.coe.int/en/web/freedom-expression/home/-/asset_publisher/RAupmF2S6voG/content/terms-of-service-and-human-rights-an-analysis-of-online-platform-contracts?inheritRedirect=false
>  The Recommendations were later used for the elaboration of the CoE
> Recommendation (2018)2 of the Committee of Ministers on the roles and
> responsibilities of internet intermediaries
> https://search.coe.int/cm/Pages/result_details.aspx?ObjectID=0900001680790e14
>  - In 2013 the inclusion of the Model Framework on Net Neutrality in this
> expert report ( https://rm.coe.int/16805a09ca )that originated the
> elaboration of the CoE Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)1of the Committee of
> Ministers on network neutrality
> https://search.coe.int/cm/Pages/result_details.aspx?ObjectID=09000016805c1e59
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