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Please note the deadline is Feb 6.

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Subject: [IGF] IGF 2020 Call For Validation of Thematic Tracks: Submit
Inputs by 6 February
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Dear Stakeholders,

You are kindly invited to respond to the IGF 2020 Call for Validation
of Thematic Tracks<https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-2020-call-for-validation-of-thematic-tracks>
and advise if you agree with the proposed thematic structure for the
15th IGF in Poland:

  *   Track one: Data
  *   Track two: Inclusion
  *   Track three: Trust
How could we include in the thematic framework additional themes:
Environmental Sustainability/Climate Change and ‎Digital Economy? What
are the most important issues, subthemes and/or policy questions or

Submit your input by 6 February 2020 through this form:

Best regards,
IGF Secretariat

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