[governance] 100% Remote meetings

Nnenna Nwakanma (via governance Mailing List) governance at lists.riseup.net
Thu Feb 20 04:47:42 EST 2020

Hello here

I have registered for the ICANN67 meetings, following ICANN's announcement
that the Cancun meetings will be 100% remote.

Beyond Cancun, I think this is a new day for remote participation and needs
us to pay very close attention.

This new thread is  to ask:

   1. What does it take to organise such a meeting?
   2. Will this increase participation?
   3. What do we gain / what do we lose?
   4. What trade off is there between what is gained and what is lost?

Anyone else wants to watch the space, chronicle, document and share?  If
yes.. I am happy to join forces.

Best regards

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