[governance] Internet Society reply to the December 19th Letter from the Internet Governance Caucus re: the sale of .org.

Ayden Férdeline ayden at ferdeline.com
Wed Feb 19 18:03:08 EST 2020

There is not a whole lot of substance in this response from ISOC (in my opinion).

That being said, ICANN has recently sent a letter to ISOC that raises a number of very important questions that challenge much of the narrative advanced in ISOC's letter to us.

That letter can be found here:

I also encourage the reading of this letter from Jones Day, ICANN's counsel, to Ethos Capital, disputing a number of Ethos Capital's talking points:

In addition, as The Register has noted, it is not Ethos Capital itself who will own the Public Interest Registry if the sale concludes. That will be another shell company, Purpose Domains Direct LLC, of which we know nothing about, not even its directors. So the assurances of Ethos Capital mean very little if they are not in direct charge of Purpose Domains Direct LLC.

Ayden Férdeline

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> Dear IGC,
> I would like to share with you ISOCs reply to the December 19th Letter from the Internet Governance Caucus re: the sale of .org.
> Important to mention that the Co-Cos and the tech team are working on publishing our Letter to ISOC on our website and they are also interested in doing the same, for transparency purposes.
> best regards,
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> Bruna Martins dos Santos
> IGC Co-Coordinator
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